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How to Beat Hair Loss (The Natural, Holistic Way)

Introducing the Holistic Hair Health eBook: Grow Thicker, Stronger Hair by Activating Dormant Follicles

Anyone who’s suffered for even a second with hair loss, and struggled to keep their existing hair, knows one very important fact…

It can strip you of your confidence, your peace of mind, and can add unnecessary stress and worry to your daily routine.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, dealing with hair loss and thinning is a bit like running a race barefoot: you know where to go, and what the finish line would look like, but you simply are under-equipped to get there.

Worse, you see people your age (and even older!) who seem to have beautiful heads full of thick, strong hair, and you can’t figure out why.

Recognizing that everyone is different, and everyone has unique chemistry is one thing. You probably recognize this fact already, but still…

These people whom you know are your age or older seem not to have a care in the world about their hair, nor do they pay proper attention to maintaining it! Could everyone around you be caring for their hair, with perfect treatments, nutrition, and in a holistic way to keep what they’ve got and regrow new hairs?

The answer is no.

It is of course possible, but very unlikely.

There are specific reasons why hair falls out, why people shed and thin, and why hair loss brings massive stress upon any sufferer. It’s no longer a secret, and so it does NOT have to be a permanent struggle for you anymore.

And rather than guess and sample a bunch of hit-or-miss strategies, some costing considerable amounts of time, money, and energy…

Saving you from trying every “cure” or “quick fix” in the book, we (as former-sufferers of Androgenetic Alopecia), have taken out the guesswork for you.

Nobody’s got the time to try out every possible solution in the book, especially considering most “fixes” are just overpriced Band-Aids: unnatural and expensive, and worse off… they usually don’t work!

You need something permanent, and you need it NOW. But this permanent solution should also be healthy, all-natural, and supportive to your body’s processes.

We at Illumiflow have engineered an extremely specific, powerful, effective, (but most of all easy-to-follow!) methodology. It’s 100% natural, clean and healthy for your body, and it works in conjunction with our FDA-Cleared (LLLT) Illumiflow Laser Caps.

As a matter of fact, when you purchase any one of our laser cap solutions, you get this book (an $80 value) for FREE!

There are countless all-natural, reliable solutions that you can perform, (and even combine!) with little to no effort, that will shift your hair growth engine into overdrive.

And this book is packed full of such strategies.

In the times of old, it would’ve been next to impossible to gather up the breadth and depth of this information into one place. All the research and lab-tested hair growth experiments seemed to be monopolized: secrets guarded behind closed doors by doctors, scientists, and other healthcare professionals.

But we’ve gathered the most vital pieces of information, tested it on ourselves and offered it to our customers as proven solutions, and freed up the secrets you deserve to know about your own hair.

In a hard-hitting, hair-growing, five-chapter research and evidence-based book on holistic hair health, we’re bringing these secrets out into the open, and right into your pocket.

Check out what’s included inside:

A Quick Book Breakdown - The Holistic Way to Regrow Your Hair

Chapter 1:

In this fast-paced chapter, we introduce the primary cause of hair loss, in men and women…

And it’s not what you might think.

There are a lot of convenient, outright lies in this industry that’ll keep you running from this pill to that treatment, never getting to the root cause, and showing you (with clarity) what actually causes hair loss.

If you don’t get down to this ONE root cause, you’ll continue to run around from fix to fix, pulling your existing hair out, trying to find something that works. But nothing will ever work, since you don’t know the actual stimulus of Androgenetic Alopecia.

In this chapter, we reveal what it is.

Chapter 2:

Did you know that the way you eat could strongly influence how much hair stays (and regrows!) on your head?

It’s true, and this is the most comprehensive chapter to restore the hair you’ve been missing, and preserve the rest of the hair you’ve still got.

This aim is accomplished by a very specific protocol. We’ve researched, gathered, and tested the most powerful, effective actions under the sun that you can take out and apply here in this chapter.

Our protocol for chapter 2 is a very specific, holistic blend of food and supplements that will strengthen your hair, help to regrow it, and will work together to bring out the quickest and most reliable results.

No more guessing, trial-and-error style, what might work best for you.

If you’re like us, you don’t have that kind of time! You need results, and fast.

This chapter unveils exactly what you should be eating, drinking, and healthy supplements you should be taking daily, to grow back the hair you deserve.

Chapter 3:

Tens of millions of people suffer with hair loss; men and women both. In America, the number is somewhere between 50-80 million people!

The key to solving hair loss problems lies in one very powerful healing agent that you already possess!

Many of your current struggles don’t need to continue indefinitely. Once you learn how to use this internal healing agent for hair regrowth, you will wield a few very powerful tools:

  • what you should be doing to leverage this healing agent
  • how to prepare your scalp for the hair growth you want to experience, and
  • exactly how to use this protocol, in what order, to save the hair you’ve got now

As you can see, this chapter alone could be the game changer that turns it all around for you.

Chapter 4:

When you learn what’s inside this chapter, and you actually apply it, it’s almost as if your hair can’t NOT begin to grow back again!

This is because we’re revealing two highly effective scalp tonics, backed by very well-researched and highly-tested ingredients that help to bring out your strongest hair.

Your body possesses a normal healing process that seals up cuts, re-generates tissues, cells, nails and strong teeth. When you stimulate this process, in a natural and holistic way, you can absolutely expect to see new baby hairs shoot up to the surface, and get stronger week by week.

This breakthrough method relies on all the previous chapters before it, to create a healthy, attractive, and whole scalp full of strong hair.

Chapter 5:

As a testament to that, the book builds upon itself, to finally create the pinnacle of natural, holistic hair regrowth.

This last chapter will tie together these ridiculously powerful protocols, into one channeled and focused regimen. This is the chapter that combines and simplifies everything you’ve learned, giving you the framework summary of exactly what to do to get your hair back A.S.A.P.

It’s not rocket science, but it is a very specific process.

You’ll want to follow this combination of chapters to a tee, leverage the proper nutrition, supplements, lifestyle activities, and your body’s natural hair regrowth engine.

Doing this will help you see hairs popping up all over your head, turning the clock back on your age, making others take note of what you’ve achieved with your appearance, and boosting your internal confidence day by day.

Your One-Time Opportunity for Thick, All-Natural Hair from a Proven, Holistic Process

This guide is for people who are sick and tired of struggling, losing more and more hair as the days go by.

It’s for people who hate wasting hours looking into the mirror trying to guess which area will start losing hair next.

It’s for busy professionals, business-owners, stay-at-home moms (or dads!) who don’t have time to construct a collegiate-level, peer- reviewed study with all the resources across the web…

Just to come up with a solution that thousands (if not millions) of people have already solved.

The answers are available. They’re right here, as we put them out in the open. Yet people continue to wonder.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of this.

This guide is for the person looking for a comprehensive, all-natural,

proven guide that has only the safest, most holistic fixes for hair loss. Beyond that, it is super-simple and easy to follow.

Pick up the Holistic Hair Health guide today, and know more about hair loss in an hour or two, than most doctors know about the topic.

Be well on your way to growing your hair back, stimulating dormant follicles, preserving the hair you’ve got, and systematically growing back your confidence.

Click below to instantly download risk-free your copy of the “Holistic Hair Health” eBook now!