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Timeline of How LLLT Works


Low Level Laser Therapy

Now often referred to simply as LLLT, low level laser therapy was initially discovered back in the late 1960’s by scientists researching cancer therapy. Mice being irradiated with low level red laser light demonstrated an accelerated rate of hair growth.

The discovery was completely accidental, surprising the researchers, but soon led to many more studies focused on the possibility that red light could indeed stimulate hair growth. The scientists eventually called the phenomenon photo-biostimulation.

Fast forward to today, thousands of successful clinical tests and several decades later, and you’ll find the same technology applied as an FDA-Cleared solution not only to hair loss, but also to wound and soft tissue damage, inflammation, chronic pain, and more.

LLLT is even used as a form of non-invasive surgery!

Cold Lasers & Red Light

Cold lasers are the specific sort of laser used in LLLT to produce a very specific form of red light.

Decades of research have proven coherent red light (more on this in a moment) between the wavelengths of 630nm and 670nm to be the optimal frequency for stimulating new hair growth.

Our own Laser Cap comes in right at the mean of these parameters, emitting pulsing rays of 650nm red light through 272 top-quality laser diodes for ultimate stimulation at an ideal depth of around 5mm in order to reach the base of hair follicles and excite the scalp on a cellular level. It’s precisely this sort of light at precisely this depth of penetration from precisely these sort of lasers that has proven time and time again to produce the maximum benefit.

The result: fuller hair, healthier scalps, and (of course) new hair growth.

Lasers vs. LEDs

Only certain lasers can produce the specific synchronous wavelength, often referred to as “coherent light”, needed to promote new growth in tired scalps.

No other light source can achieve this, not even LEDs. The reason you’re likely to see LEDs touted as solutions to hair growth has everything to do with how inexpensive they are to produce compared to laser technology and absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with their effectiveness in treating hair loss or stimulating new growth.

In addition to all this, LEDs are significantly less powerful than lasers, which results in a notable inability to effectively penetrate the scalp to the appropriate depth. In short, whereas laser energy is focused, coherent, and capable of targeted penetration, LEDs deliver significantly less energy and only superficially at that.

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Awakening A Tired Scalp

So we know that a specific form of light directed from a special sort of laser can help to promote new hair growth, but how does that interaction actually work?

Well, without getting too technical, by treating the base of your hair follicles, our proprietary red light energy is able to stimulate and re-energize the mitochondria of your cells. Since mitochondria are considered to be the “power houses” of your cells, reviving them is effectively the same as breathing new life into a retired power plant.

Once recovered to the point of healthy function, the mitochondria are able to reproduce of their own accord and repair the scalp just like they were meant to. This results in noticeably thicker, healthier hair and, eventually, even new hair growth from previously-dormant follicles.

Fascinating, isn’t it?

Getting The Dosage Just Right

Just like a dose of medicine, low level laser therapy depends upon regular use and consistent “dosages”. Because of this, any high quality LLLT device needs to have some means of ensuring proper application, lest any benefit of the treatment become lost due to improper use.

This is why our Laser Cap devices come equipped with an automatic timer so that you can stick to a predictable treatment regimen even while multitasking. Doing so will allow for maximum possible benefit with minimum total commitment in time. Used exactly as prescribed, the Laser Cap is designed to produce coherent stimulation all across the scalp, resulting in a treatment that is perfectly safe, totally painless, and actually effective.

Correct dosage will mean optimal absorption of healing red light, healthier hair, and a happier scalp.

5 Ways the illumiflow Laser Cap Works to Re-Grow Your Hair

The illumiflow Laser Cap delivers cool-temperature Low Level Laser Therapy directly to the scalp at the follicle to help you re-grow hair. Here are five of the most notable ways in which this gentle therapy can have a massively helpful effect on the quality and health of your hair: 

#1 - Inhibits 5-alpha Reductase 
5-alpha reductase is the enzyme responsible for converting the common sex hormone testosterone into the hair loss hormone known as DHT (dihydrotestosterone).
Researchers have found that the more 5-alpha reductase enzyme a person has, the more likely they are to suffer with hair loss. The illumiflow Laser Cap inhibits the production of 5-alpha reductase in the user, thereby halting the conversion of testosterone into DHT.
This in turn slows and eventually halts the loss of hair due to DHT.

#2 - Activates Shock Proteins 
Heat shock proteins are known to aid in cellular health. In the scalp, the specific shock protein known as HSP27 is utilized.
The LLLT technology of our Laser Cap works to activate this specific shock protein and others, allowing them to boost hair follicle stem cell growth.
Essentially, this process encourages hair re-growth at the innermost layer of the cell, the outer root of each sheath, and within the top layer of skin (at the epidermis cells where a structural protein called keratin is produced).

#3 - Boosts Oxygen Delivery
The illumiflow Laser Cap boosts oxygenation to every cell of the scalp. When the low-level infrared lights interact with your scalp, the laser separates two key factors of the hair loss equation: nitric oxide (NO) and an enzyme known as cytochrome c oxidase (CCO).
These elements then bind together, moving oxygen on a cellular level and lowering cellular respiration.
As a result, more life-giving oxygen is delivered to hair follicles along with essential nutrients for new hair growth.

#4 - Increases Blood Flow
As the cells of your scalp begin to receive more oxygen, the small capillaries of your scalp are finally allowed to “breathe”. Nitric oxide acts as a vasodilator, helping to widen the tiny blood vessels.
Old blockages are released and the flow of blood increases even as the delivery of oxygen is improved.
This process is often referred to as vasodilation and, as you might imagine, it is vital to the growth of new hair and considered a foundational requirement for sustainably healthy hair.

#5 - Causes Acute Inflammation 
Inflammation is a natural response of your immune system and can be used to encourage hair regrowth.
While too much inflammation can actually contribute to hair loss (remember our discussion regarding fibrosis and calcificationabove?), smaller “doses” can be significantly beneficial to the hair growth process.
The focused effect of red light on the scalp helps to instigate this helpful form of inflammation, this aiding in the growth of new hair without becoming uncomfortable or resulting in any negative side effects.

Using the Laser Cap

How Does It Work?

Using the Laser Cap couldn’t be easier. It’s safe, comfortable, and discreet, treating your whole head all at once and keeping your hands free while it does.

Simply connect the Cap to your freshly charged battery pack, place the Cap on your head, and flip the switch for a treatment session designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule.

Where Can I Use It?

Thanks to the discreet nature of our design, illumiflow Laser Cap fits naturally into just about any typical, everyday environment.

Enjoy your treatments at home after a warm shower, in the car on lunch break, or even behind your desk at the office!

Skip those pesky doctor’s office visits and embarrassing looks - you deserve to enjoy complete privacy in a whole new way.

How Long Does It Take?

Good question! Starting out, illumiflow Laser Cap is designed to be used every other day for a maximum of 30 minutes per session.

Treatments should never exceed 60 minutes, and the timer built into your Cap will remind you of that! Our recommended maintenance schedule is 3x per week for just 15-30 minutes per session.

Can I Use It With Other Treatments?

You sure can!

The illumiflow Laser Cap is safe to use in conjunction with most other hair growth treatments, such as Rogaine.

In fact, LLLT has virtually no contraindications, which means that it should not interfere in any way with any medicated shampoos or conditioners, either.

- Super Easy-To-Use.
- Completely Safe.
- Unmatched Convenience.
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