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Kiierr vs illumiflow Laser Caps

For years, low level laser therapy (LLLT) was the hair loss treatment that everyone needed, and almost no one could afford. First used medically to stimulate tissue repair, LLLT gained notice for its ability to regrow hair in the 1990s. The technology was expensive, though. While costly in-clinic treatments eventually gave way to home-use models, the price tag typically topped $3,000. Hair growth using LLLT was simply cost-prohibitive.

Then came illumiflow.

What started as a seven-year passion project by the owner, illumiflow applied for FDA Clearance in 2016 and immediately revolutionized the at-home LLLT industry with an affordable, full-coverage laser cap that made LLLT both accessible and safe for men AND women. Rather than being confined by pricey clinic visits or sky-high price tags, illumiflow’s rigorously tested LLLT technology was the first of its kind to be sold online at an affordable price, directly to the customer. This new distribution model also meant illumiflow’s pricing wasn’t inflated by the brick-and-mortar overhead costs that the more-established brands had long been passing onto their customers.

The thing about blazing a trail, however, is that it leaves a path for others to follow, and that’s certainly been the case within the laser cap industry. Since 2017, several competitors have entered the market with what they tout as comparable products, including newcomer Kiierr.

And while the Utah-based company sells 148 and 272 diode laser caps just like illumiflow, how does it really compare?


Perhaps the biggest thing to look for when shopping for laser caps is the presence of actual laser diodes. For lasers to stimulate the scalp’s cells and spark regrowth, the light needs to be administered at very specific wavelengths and consistent power levels. To cut costs, many competitors supplement lasers with unproven LEDs to inflate the overall number of lights.

Neither illumiflow nor Kiierr include any misleading LEDs in their laser cap designs and instead offer 148 and 272 laser only models.


Time on Market

illumiflow applied for FDA clearance on July 27, 2016 following more than seven years of research, rigorous designing, and testing. Clearance was granted on February 24, 2017.

On the other hand, Kiierr was granted FDA clearance (based on existing LLLT laser cap tech) on September 5, 2018.

Why does this matter?

Simply put, illumiflow has had more time on the market to see what works, what doesn’t, and how to adjust for both. That means 18 more months of customer feedback, growing pains, and design improvements before Kiierr ever hit the market. Plus, the company has optimized all its business and regulatory procedures to make sure its laser caps don’t just remain affordable, but safe, too.

WINNER: illumiflow


illumiflow offers a robust 5-year warranty, the first of its kind in the LLLT laser cap industry. Offering a warranty over such a long period speaks to the company’s reliable reputation and business practices.

Kiierr comes with a 2-year product warranty, which can be extended to four years for an extra fee.

WINNER: illumiflow

Satisfaction Guarantee

illumiflow not only offers a 6-month, no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee, the company extends the offer by an additional 30 days (and more in select cases) to allow for stress-free return shipping. The goal is for the customer to be happy, whether that means getting either their hair – or money – back.

Kiierr offers a seven-month money-back guarantee, but a quick glance at the terms and conditions make the policy feel more like a scavenger hunt. New customers are required to submit a photo of themselves when registering the product, which makes one wonder if this request for a private photo wasn’t set in place to deter returns in the first place. The only ‘acceptable’ reason for return cited by the company is for lack of results, which must be backed up by even more time-stamped photos. If you do happen to navigate all these stipulations, you may finally qualify for a return.

Screenshot of Kiierr Refund Policy - December, 2019

Screenshot of Kiierr Refund Policy - Updated February, 2020

2020 Kierr Return Policy Update


WINNER: illumiflow


It’s important to remember the term “quality” shouldn’t be limited to just the product you’re looking to purchase. Instead, looking deeper at the company itself can go a long way toward making sure you’ll be satisfied in the long run. After all, what good is even the longest warranty when the company offering it goes out of business?

With technology, a purchase is often an investment, and that makes illumiflow the clear favorite over Kiierr. illumiflow’s vastly superior warranty and satisfaction guarantee are bolstered by the company’s seniority in the market and steadfast business practices. That means no matter what happens, you’ll be happy with the results you’ll have with illumiflow.

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