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100% Safe, Totally Painless, and Actually Effective.

Laser Hair Growth System

Your Best Choice For Reversing Hair Loss

The illumiflow Laser Cap is an affordable and effective solution for both men and women who wish to painlessly reverse the process of hair loss. Our Laser Cap makes the proven technology of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) accessible to you, at home or on-the-go.

No Side Effects

Completely Painless & Actually Effective

FDA-Cleared technology backed by decades of clinical testing proves the Laser Cap to be an effective method of hair restoration. Perhaps even more importantly, treatments are 100% pain-free. Remarkably easy, and designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule.

272 Laser Diodes

Full Scalp Coverage From 272 Premium Lasers

You read that right! A grand total of 272 premium laser diodes are specially situated in order to provide the maximum possible coverage of your scalp. This allows for consistent stimulation across more of the scalp, ultimately producing significantly improved results.

Life of Product

A Lifetime Of Powerful Treatments

Our Laser Caps are no joke. Assuming a standard treatment regimen of 30 minutes per session, the Laser Cap is rated for up to 20,000 treatments! That’s a whole lifetime of powerful, effective laser treatments in one compact, dependable, life-changing package.

Great Value - Low Cost

Absolute Greatest Value - Guaranteed!

Go ahead: compare the illumiflow Laser Cap against any alternative on the market and you’ll find that our system offers the absolute greatest value (by a long shot!), balancing cost and function to bring you the latest tech in hair growth, always at the very lowest price.

Low Level Laser Therapy

LLLT was accidentally discovered by scientists in the late 1960's and has been in use ever since. Obviously it's come a long way in the time since and LLLT is now recognized by the FDA to be a 100% safe and effective treatment for the stimulation of new hair growth.

Cold Lasers & Red Light

Cold lasers are a non-invasive treatment option often used in acupuncture and even surgery. In this case, the technology has been carefully calibrated to produce a very specific wavelength of powerful red light that reaches to the base of hair follicles to excite new growth.

Lasers vs. LEDs

Only lasers can produce the specific synchronous wavelength, often referred to as "coherent light", needed to promote new growth in tired scalps. LEDs cannot produce this important form of light, yet they are often found in cheaper "hair growth" products. Yikes!

Plug-And-Play Convenience

Designed to make your life better, the illumiflow Laser Cap is easy-to-use, portable, and totally discreet. Simply connect your newly charged battery pack, place the device on your head, and flip the switch for a painless, hands-free treatment session at home or on-the-go!

  • Full Scalp Coverage?
  • # of Lasers
  • Cost
  • Discreet Use
  • Full Scalp Coverage:
  • # of Lasers: Varies
  • Cost: Annual
    ~ $3,000
  • Discreet Use:
  • Full Scalp Coverage:
  • # of Lasers: 272
  • Cost: One Time
    ~ $4.50 per Laser
  • Discreet Use:
  • Full Scalp Coverage:
  • # of Lasers: 20-80
  • Cost: One Time
    $11-30 per Laser
  • Discreet Use:
  • Full Scalp Coverage:
  • # of Lasers: 12
  • Cost: One Time
    ~ $20 per Laser
  • Discreet Use:

Is the Laser Cap suitable for both men and women?

The Laser Cap is suitable (and safe) for both men and women, young or old....Learn More

When can I expect to see results?

You can usually notice results in as little as 4-6 months although individual results will vary.

Phase I: This first phase focuses on minimizing hair loss and can take between 4 and 18 weeks of regular treatments with the Laser Cap.
Phase II: During this phase, miniaturization of the hair is reversed, resulting in thicker, fuller hair. This typically begins to occur after 18-26 weeks of regular treatments with the Laser Cap.
Phase III: It is during this final phase that you should begin to notice renewed hair growth. This process generally begins 26-52 weeks in to regular treatments with the Laser Cap....Learn More

Does Low-Level Laser Therapy hurt?

Absolutely not. LLLT is a 100% painless and non-invasive technology with decades of proven use and thousands of peer-reviewed clinical studies to back its claims...Learn More

5 Stars

I Recommend It to My Patients

This is an excellent laser cap; it combines some of the best technology on the market with great value. I am a physician and have carefully researched all the available home devices for hair loss. A device like this one, with 272 diodes, is the only type to have solid clinical research supporting its efficacy. I bought it for myself, and I recommend it to my patients.

Celia B.

5 Stars

Finally, Something That Works!

I’ve been using hair growth supplements for years, and now I’m starting to love the way I look again. The Laser Cap was what I needed to get the results I’ve been waiting for.

Danny M.

5 Stars

Nice to Have My Confidence Back

I was so tired of hiding my hair loss. The anonymity and privacy of the Laser Cap gave me the confidence to regrow my hair.

Angela J.

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