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Our LLLT laser caps are FDA-cleared and clinically proven to give you REAL results like these.

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Whether you’re trying to stop a receding hairline, or grow back healthy hair, men of all ages have found success with our laser regrowth caps.

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Thinning crowns and widening parts are a thing of the past for the women of illumiflow!

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The Illumiflow is very easy to use and is especially comfortable to wear as it's light (compared to the Theradome which I used in the past.) Hair shedding has slowed and new hair feels more resilient.

- David Sotir

My hair was falling out gradually and while I was using different creams, vitamins, everything I could find, nothing was working. After 1 month of using the illumiflow laser cap it was crystal clear that my hairline was strengthening and my bald spots were going away. I'm enjoying my hair again!

- Melody Ivory

As a medical provider I was initially sceptical, but when used as directed, your product significantly improves hair regrowth! You truly have an amazing product which can improve the confidence and quality of life of many individuals who suffered (like I did) with hair loss.

- Mitchell Somma

Illumiflow is very easy to use as its 30 minutes every other day. I have been using it for about 7 months and have seen good results. I'm excited to see what the next 12 months bring. Great alternative to surgery or ingestibles.

- Jon Posner

This is an incredible product that I wish I bought sooner. It has truly done wonders for my hair. I've always felt the need to cover my head or use hair products that cover my bald spots. Now I feel more confident in my hair!

- Anthony Buotempo

In the 10 months I've used the illumiflow laser cap, I've noticed a big difference in the volume of my hair. I didn't see much change in the first 2 months, but I kept being consistent and at month 3, my wife commented on how she couldn't see balding on my scalp. The tips in the ebook are also helpful in maximizing benefits.

- Adam Cassis


Our patients like it — I’m using it!

After being routinely asked if hair laser caps work, Dr. Celia Brown decided to try it out on herself and saw thicker hair. In her own words, “Things just slow down as you age. So, using LLLT is actually quite effective to turn back on those hair follicles.”

Illumiflow Laser Cap Results

See how thousands of illumiflow customers have followed our program to hit their #hairgoals!

Using your FDA-cleared laser cap for just 30 minutes, 3x per week along with our included holistic hair health program has helped illumiflow customers reverse hair loss and stimulate new hair growth in as little as 7-12 months!

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Learn More About LLLT

Want to learn more about low-level laser therapy (LLLT) and how it can change your hairline and your life? Get in-depth resources for how LLLT works and what to expect during LLLT treatment for hair loss.

Hair Growth Supplements

To get the best laser hair cap results, you should attack your problem from many angles. Hair growth supplements will help complement your laser cap efforts and help you reach your #hairgoals!

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Holistic Hair Regrowth

We’ve pulled together all the research to offer the best natural, non-invasive, holistic hair regrowth methods all in one place.

Learn to activate dormant follicles and grow thicker hair using holistic methods from home!



Equipped with 272 laser diodes to provide an impressive 1,360mW of laser energy, the illumiflow 272 offers complete coverage to help you reach your #hairgoals!


Ideal for those in the early stages of hair loss, the 148 laser diode cap emits 740mW of laser energy, which means you can get back your full head of hair, faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long until I see results?

Illumiflow laser caps reactivate the natural growth cycle in your hair follicles to give you fuller hair. Following regular use, you can expect to see initial results in 4-6 months and full resultsin 7-12 months.

Does everyone experience these results?

The exact cause of hair loss varies for each person, which means results may vary as well. However, LLLT is proven to improve hair growth in numerous studies on androgenetic alopecia and is considered the leading natural hair regrowth solution.

Which laser cap is right for me?

The illumiflow 148 laser cap is our budget-friendly option for people in the early stages of hair loss, while our 272 model is our premium product that can help people who have been dealing with hair loss problems for some time. The 272 laser cap is the most affordable laser hair regrowth cap on the market.

What is LLLT?

LLLT stands for low-level laser therapy and is used as a hair loss solution by helping stimulate the hair follicles with increased blood circulation to promote improved hair growth.

Learn more about LLLT here.

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