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Our Story

Hey, it's Peter (the founder of Illumiflow and author of the Holistic Hair Health ebook).

I'm so glad you've stopped by to read our story.

Let's begin...

Even now talking about hair loss isn’t easy for me.

You see still after all these years, a certain awkwardness or embarrassment associated with hair loss tends to linger and brings up this uncomfortable feeling. 

Maybe you know that same feeling when someone brings it up to you.

If so, you are not alone.

Look no one chooses to begin involuntarily shedding their hair.

The reality is that hair loss is nothing to be ashamed of yet social media, societal pressure, and worse yet friends and family may have us thinking otherwise.

We've all seen it in real-life and on TV.

It reminds me of George Costanza from Seinfeld.

And yet we live in a time when legitimate treatments for hair restoration abound. 

More on that in a moment though.

For me, hair loss has been a conscious reality from very early on.

Even before experiencing the effects of hair loss for myself, I watched my father (and his father) go bald and it terrified me.

Seeing how it made them feel and act certainly made me anxious as if I was just waiting for the day I'd lose all my hair.

  • I wondered would I still be in my 20's.
  • Would my wife and kids judge me.
  • Would society judge me.
  • Would I become bitter about it.

The thing is I knew that, genetically, hair loss was going to be a problem for me.

It was my fate.

A fate that I was determined to do everything I could to stop though.

I spent countless hours researching and researching what I could do.  I figured if I could just get in front of the issue I'd be better off.

I sacrificed to spend my hard earned dollars taking expensive supplements and using special shampoos and conditioners, but I experienced very limited results.

By my late 20’s, my hairline had already begun to recede.

To say this was frustrating was an understatement. 

It was major challenge for me and it affected me on a very emotional level.  

As a man since, leading up to this point, I had learned to depend heavily on my thick, curly hair as a source of confidence - especially around women.

Maybe you can related to that.

Even if you are woman who is suffering with hair thinning or loss I'm sure you know what I mean when I talk about confidence.

Because before women would often comment on how thick and beautiful my hair was.  They'd even run their hands through it out of the blue and when I'd see the smile on their face my confidence would soar.

To say it was an ego boost would be an understatement.

At this point though I was terrified to even let them get too close in fear they'd notice my hairline was receding.  

I'd often wear a hat and as funny as it is to me now I even started cutting and styling my hair in a specific way to make it look fuller.

At first, I thought I was crazy but I talked to many folks who were in the very same boat as me.

After years of suffering and every day seeing my fate more clearly I had a moment that put a pit in my stomach so badly it's hard to talk about.

It was one of those moments that your remember like it was yesterday even after countless years having gone by.

I had just come home from the gym and after getting out of the shower my wife made an offhand joke about my hair line.

Something that she probably overlooked but it crushed me.

It stopped me in my tracks and my confidence was even more shaken.

Here I was a few years from knocking on the door of 30 and I realized that my meager attempts to forestall the onset of hair loss had been a failure.

This was the turning point where I began to take the problem more seriously.

And if you are reading this I know something about you.  Like I did, I'm sure you've already had your breaking point.

You wouldn't be here if you were not talking your hair seriously.

Circling back...I knew that I didn’t want to be bald and, frankly, I knew that I didn’t want to become bitter like my father did after his hair loss.

So I began to research any and every other option available.

There was definitely plenty of “quackery”, as my wife liked to call it, but very little of proven value outside of some extraordinarily expensive surgery centers.

Trust me I looked long and hard at those options too.

Yet I wanted to look at all other options before going down the surgery route.

Especially since I had seen some really horrible hair transplants.

I bet you've seen some too, right?

Well more and more long nights of research online finally lead me to discover low-level laser therapy, LLLT.

At the time, LLLT was only available through high-cost specialty laser clinics though.

And it was too expensive. 

Shortly after I began taking the research I found on LLLT seriously, a close friend of mine introduced me to the idea of a “laser helmet”, which was a very rudimentary version of our Laser Cap.

If you've been on the journey of fighting your hair loss or thinning hair you probably have had a friend recommend something to you more than once.

Am I right?

After awhile you tend to get a bit hesitant because you got your hopes up many times before and well it didn't end up working out.

As I mentioned I had spent years and a small fortune already to no avail.


I was skeptical at first...who wouldn't be but, I knew I'd kick myself if I didn't give it a try.

After several weeks of putting one to regular use, I was sold on the credibility of LLLT as a hair growth treatment. I found that countless studies had already been performed to test and approve the validity of this technology.

I learned that the technology had also been proven for various other forms of noninvasive medical treatment and was especially excited to learn that it had virtually NO contraindications, which meant that I could use it in tandem with my updated supplement regimen.

Notice how I say updated...

Many years of research had accumulated to comprise what, for me, became a very carefully curated supplement treatment regimen including this hair supplement and LLLT was known to not only not-impede but in fact enhance its effectiveness).

The key was the right process, which is what I poured into this ebook

Oh and as an aside if you buy one of our premium laser caps you get that ebook for free because I know it's the perfect companion guide :-).

Well you might be wondering what happened?

Did I have some miracle results in my first few weeks or months?

Well unlike a lot of folks I'm going to give it to you straight.

I didn't.

I had to be consistent.

And during that time some doubt creeped in but because I took some before photos and wife took some photos along the way I saw progress.

That progress kept me moving forward.

Fast forward a little over a year into treatments, my hair had begun to grow back...

And as I'm sure you would be I was ecstatic.

Like one of my children on Christmas morning in fact.

So you might be wondering how did I get here?

Well while there was plenty to appreciate about the laser helmet, there was also plenty to complain about.


  • it was clunky
  • embarrassing to be seen in
  • used low-tech lasers that often had to be replaced
  • and so on

I decided I could do better and I knew the folks like yourself deserved better.

A Scary True Story About Early Testing

Many many years ago I used to put a homemade laser helmet on my head during my “testing phase”.

And what you need to understand is that the positive and negative ends of the battery had a bad habit of touching and this is not a good thing

In fact it cause it to catch on fire! 

Talk about being thankful for my quick reflexes.

In the time since, technology has changed.

A lot.

The basic concept behind LLLT remains the same, but all of the elements that create its effect have been massively upgraded.

The lasers, the cap materials and design, the batteries… all improved.

What these improvements mean for us in application is a product that is more convenient, more affordable, and more accessible overall.

The illumiflow brand and the one-of- a-kind Laser Cap that you see now is the end result of much effort and experimentation.

As you already know, we even took the product one big step further by getting it cleared by the FDA for Over-the-Counter (OTC) use for both Men and Women (this was not an easy process, but was so very well worth the time and massive expense it took).

At the end of the day, the illumiflow Laser Cap is the treatment solution that I personally use and will continue to use every other day.

It is the solution I would recommend to my own son.

My wife even uses it (sshhh - don’t tell her I told you, though).

Look at what others are saying here.

Now I know this is a big decision for you and you may even have some lingering questions. I've spent a long time building out this FAQ for you here to answer just about any question you can have...many of these are questions I had early on myself.

Be sure to check it out.

Also, please don’t hesitate to contact my team any time we are even happy to chat with you over the phone.




Laser Clinic vs. The Laser Cap - An Easy Decision

If you've gone down the rabbit hole of hair loss you know just how deep it goes and chances are you may be wondering if a laser clinic or a laser cap is right decision for you.

Well the good news is...

The illumiflow Laser Cap features the exact same technology currently being used in high-tech, high-dollar laser clinics all across the US. The technology itself is a no-brainer: it’s safe, it’s painless, and it’s proven.

But the cost associated with receiving treatments at a laser clinic is prohibitive for almost everyone, which means that the question of whether to purchase a Laser Cap or go to a clinic becomes a no-brainer, too.

Taking It A Step Further

But there’s something that matters perhaps even more than cost.

And that’s convenience.

Tag onto that factors such as:

  • long-term dependable access
  • portability
  • discretion

...and what you get is a solution that’s pretty much impossible to ignore.

The illumiflow Laser Cap has been designed with all of this in mind: truly developed from the ground up to present a solution for the every-man (and woman) that not only works, but is also affordable.

It just makes sense.

Learn more about our FDA cleared laser caps here.

Watch Out For Frauds

As a final note here, we want to advocate and applaud smart shopping.

This is more than just your hair we’re talking about here - this is your image, your self-confidence, your life.

Unfortunately, there are some companies that prey on that reality.

One of the most popular ways of “cheating the system”, so to speak, is by offering a product that has not been cleared by the FDA.

Many “knock-off brands” sell low-grade laser products under the FDA radar at low-ball price points. 

Unfortunately, this always hurts the customer most of all.

So be sure to double-check that products are officially FDA-Cleared through the FDA website.

This is especially important when considering a medical device like the Laser Cap.

Safety and transparency must be your #1 priority.


Here are a few tips for you.

#1: Be on the lookout for scam products that use red LED lights rather than actual lasers.

We address this here, but LEDs are just complete junk - utterly useless - when it comes to treating hair loss.

The color is right, but that’s about it.

#2: Watch out for “laser combs” and the like which limit coverage and exhaust your arms.

#3: Beware of “laser helmets” that are bulky or heavy as these can cause unnecessary neck and back strain. Give the devices notorious for overheating a wide berth.

As you can see I'm a real person that had a real problem.  It took me a long time and a lot of both effort and money to find what worked for me. That's why at the end of the day, we’re here to support real people with real problems.

Which means that we will only ever present real solutions and real data. You really can regrow your confidence - start by giving us a chance to earn your trust.

Check out our premium FDA Laser Caps here 

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