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Why Choose illumiflow Over Other Laser Cap Brands?

If you’re looking for a cap that lights up and promises to regrow your hair, there are literally hundreds of options just a search away. But, as we all know, there is plenty of junk on the market. Every market. Even the laser cap market.

illumiflow, however, offers its users unmatched quality, durability, safety, and effectiveness.

Our story spans years of hunting, designing, and testing to solve a problem that so many of us face. After experiencing hair loss in his twenties, illumiflow’s founder set out to find an effective and affordable way to regrow hair. Now, illumiflow is the best non-surgical, non-prescription option for people everywhere who are looking for the same solution.

Need proof? We’ve got the FDA clearance, guarantees and product warranties to back it up.


The idea for an at-home laser cap began with clinic-based laser therapy centers, which harness low-level laser therapy (LLLT) to fight hair loss. However, the regular appointments for these centers don’t fit into many peoples’ schedule or budgets. There were also OTC laser combs, but they were much less effective and user-friendly.

With the goal of bringing a better option to the average consumer, illumiflow packed the same LLLT tech into a ball cap. And we did it without losing any of the laser power needed to effectively stimulate hair follicles.

In 2017, illumiflow was one of the first laser caps to be granted clearance by the Food and Drug Administration as an over-the-counter product, allowing us to sell directly to men and women at a fraction of the cost offered by clinics.

What That Means for You:

There is a safe, effective, at-home solution that doesn’t require a doctor’s prescription. One that’s backed by science and had to pass the FDA’s stringent guidelines and qualifications before being sold to you.

How illumiflow Laser Therapy Works

Using specific wavelengths of laser light, the illumiflow lasers penetrate your scalp and reinvigorate cellular production. Basically, it wakes up dormant follicles, which we explain in more depth on our website.

Here’s an illustration of what you can expect from using illumiflow Laser Caps:

Focus on FDA Clearance Advantages:

You may notice a big price difference between LLLT caps. Often this is because the cheaper product hasn’t been cleared by the FDA, while the pricier option has.

Why is FDA clearance worth the extra money?

No more middle-man: No doctor’s visit. No appointments at the clinic. Instead, illumiflow gives you all the benefits of LLLT from the comfort of your own home. Or office. It’s up to you.

You get what you pay for: There are cheaper options on the market that didn’t undergo the strict testing and inspections it takes to earn FDA Clearance, also known as 510(k). As a result, those manufacturers produce cheaper, inferior products and usually aren’t accountable for safety. Seems like wasting your money is actually the best-case scenario here.

All lasers aren’t created equally: In other words, some laser cap brands tout “full coverage,” but then cut corners in terms of laser quality and the consistency of current carried to each diode. That means the power flow per laser is often lacking and so will your results.

What goes into earning FDA clearance: It’s important to remember that illumiflow’s 148- and 272-diode laser caps are Grade II medical devices. Flaws in design or equipment could mean serious problems for our users. So, everything is tested and retested. Inspected, and re-inspected. Every one of our claims were verified, and verified again. All in order to bring you exactly what we promise: a revolutionary, yet safe, way to regrow your hair from home.

It doesn’t stop there: since earning our 510(k), we’ve been audited in-person by FDA agents, passing all requirements, including QC.

FDA Clearance Timeline

Earning FDA clearance and bringing illumiflow to market before our competitors isn’t just a point of pride, it’s proof of quality. While we developed the highly scrutinized technology that earned us 510(k), many of our competitors have since earned the same designation by copying our tech, making them “predicate devices (read more about that and more on our post here).

So, they aren’t held to the same standard as the original before they sell to the public.

To illustrate this point, here’s when the top laser cap brands, including illumiflow, earned their FDA clearance:

What You Get

Here’s what you get in the box:

Now here’s what you get that’s NOT in the box: the best customer service in the market.

Your illumiflow includes a five-year product warranty, plus a RISK FREE six-month return policy if you’re not satisfied with your purchase. Just send it back in like-new condition, and we’ll send your money back.

files/free-shipping-icon.png Free Shipping
files/product-warranty-icon.png 5 Yr Product Warranty
files/money-back-icon.png 6 Month Money-Back Guarantee

As much work as we put into the illumiflow laser caps, we want you to be as happy as we are.

illumiflow vs. the Competition

To help you in your research, here’s some information on illumiflow and how we stack up to our competition. This will give you an idea of some of the raw numbers you’ll want to know. We also shared some review videos. That way you can see for yourself why you should give illumiflow a try today!

Product Comparison Videos

Capillus vs illumiflow:

To find out how illumiflow can help you safely and effectively regrow your hair, check out our Resources page. If you have any questions, please check out our FAQ page, email us, or give us a call at 1-800-869-1503 (M-F 9AM-4PM MST).

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