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Which Hair Regrowth Laser Therapy Device Has the Best Value?

When it comes to Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT ) treatment devices, you can expect to pay good money for a system. Unfortunately, on today’s market, it’s not unusual for those suffering from hair loss to encounter products with unnecessarily elevated price points.

Before you buy, make sure you understand the difference between comparable laser therapy caps and helmets before buying.
Let’s compare the illumiflow 148 Laser Cap with the iRestore Laser Helmet.


iRestore Laser Helmet vs. illumiflow 148 Laser Cap

Illumiflow 148 Laser Cap iRestore Laser Helmet
Number of Laser Diodes 148 21
Power Source Battery Wired Wall Plug-in
Mobility During Use Mobile Stationary
Discretion Discreet base-ball cap design Helmet design--medical product look-and-feel
Weight Very light 3X the weight of the illumiflow 148 Laser Cap
Durability Soft hat: not likely to become damaged Many plastic parts: Reports of high risk of damage
Portability Fits easily into luggage or backpack Hard shell does not allow it to bend to fit into all sizes of luggage or backpacks
FDA Cleared? Yes Yes
Price $549 $695
Overall Value 148 diodes, $549
More laser diodes (127 more) at a comparatively lower price
21 diodes, $695
Less diodes at a comparatively higher price

Number of Laser Diodes

illumiflow (148 laser diodes) vs. iRestore (21 laser diodes)

148 Laser Diodes - illumiflow

21 Laser Diodes - iRestore

The number of diodes in the illumiflow 148 is stated in the product name: 148.

The illumiflow has more than 7x the laser diodes of the iRestore device, which touts just 21 laser diodes.

While the iRestore laser helmet also contains 30 red LED lights, laser therapy for hair growth is predicated upon laser diodes which are responsible for the method’s proven results. There is very little supporting documentation for the effectiveness of LEDs on hair regrowth. According to a 2017 study supported by 43 years of data, “NON-laser light sources (lamps with or without filters, LEDs with or without a polarizer, etc.) cannot be used in low level laser therapy because of their minimal efficiency.” The greater amount of laser diodes in the illumiflow 148 however provides a greater chance of reactivating dormant follicles that regrow hair.

The Bottom Line: The illumiflow 148 offers a more complete laser coverage of the scalp when compared to the iRestore laser helmet.


illumiflow (mobile use) vs iRestore (stationary use)

The illumiflow 148 was designed for out-of-the-box mobile use for people who don’t wish to or don’t have time to sit for long periods of time during treatment. This is made possible by a long-lasting battery included with the illumiflow 148 which powers the device.

The iRestore is a stationary unit which must be plugged into the wall while in use. While using the iRestore, you must sit still while receiving treatment.

There is an option to enable mobile use for the iRestore laser helmet, but unfortunately, it costs nearly $80.

The Bottom Line: The illumiflow 148 was created for busy people. The device helps you regrow hair without breaking your stride or your wallet

Design & Size

illumiflow (0.48 lbs) vs iRestore (1.74lbs)

The design of the illumiflow 148 keeps it lightweight and discreet; it’s small enough to be concealed under a baseball cap which is included with purchase.At nearly 3x the weight of the illumiflow, the iRestore employs a helmet-style design that limits the user’s movement.

The Bottom Line: The illumiflow 148 is a one-size-fits-all baseball-style cap designed to fit a wide array of head shapes and sizes. With few moving pieces, it’s not likely to become damaged. For those with travel plans, the cap slips seamlessly into luggage.


illumiflow ($599 / $4.04 per laser diode) vs iRestore ($695 / $33.09 per laser diode)

Considering that the effectivity of the product rests in the laser diodes themselves, we’ll look at the overall value of the two products by looking at what you would be paying per diode.

The illumiflow 148 laser cap is the most affordable option, coming in at $599, while the iRestore laser helmet will cost you $695. If you break it down, the iRestore essentially charges $33.09 per laser diode which is nearly 10 times the cost per diode of the illumiflow cap, which breaks down to $4.04 per diode. Both products use top quality laser diodes and are FDA-cleared.

The Bottom Line: When it comes to choosing the best laser therapy product based on cost and features, the illumiflow 148 is the clear value.

The conclusion? Try the illumiflow 148 at no risk!

At just $549 and with 7x more laser diodes than the iRestore, the illumiflow 148 is a high-value, lower cost, FDA-approved hair growth treatment.

With a 6-month money-back satisfaction guarantee, there’s no risk to giving it a try.

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