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If you own an illumiflow Laser Cap, earning a $200 rebate is easy! Simply follow the steps below to earn $200 back on your purchase of an illumiflow Laser Cap.

We believe in the power of LLLT and our Laser Cap so much that we want to offer you a rebate of $200 simply for sharing your own success with us! We’ve seen it time and time again: the people who take the steps necessary for effecting lasting change within themselves always experience astonishing results!

You are no different, and now that you’ve committed to restoring the quality of your own hair health (in addition to supporting the growth of your confidence), we want to join in celebrating that decision with you.

We’ve created this Rebate Program because we believe that our Laser Caps have the power to change lives, and because we want to provide a steady stream of living proof of that for our customers and friends.

So celebrate your success with us and earn a full $200 back on your purchase of an illumiflow Laser Cap by following the simple steps below.



Step 1. Order your illumiflow Laser Cap.

Step 2. Take “Before” pictures of your scalp (see instructions below).

Step 3. Use your new Laser Cap as instructed.

Step 4. Take “After” pictures once you begin to notice visible results.

Step 5. Share your Before & After images with us and receive your $200 Rebate!*

*Submit your images and order numberto support@illumiflow.com and we will review to confirm qualification. Upon submission of your images, you agree to allow us to use those images for publication as case studies (however we see fit). Once your images have been confirmed, you will receive a full $200 Rebate, as promised!



Step 1. Choose a well-lit room with plenty of natural lighting.

Step 2. Locate a white, grey, or neutral background and use the same background every time.

Step 3. Hold the camera far enough away from you to capture as much scalp as possible from each target area (front, back and or top of scalp).

Step 4. Angle the lens at approximately 45 degrees for best results.

Step 5. Snap the photo!

Step 6. Assure the photo is clear and focused (not blurry) before completing the photo session.



  1. Maintain consistency. Be sure to use the same lighting, the same positioning, and the same camera angles each time you take your progress photos.*
  2. Never use the camera flash.
  3. Sytle your hair the same for each photo if possible.
  4. Natural lighting. Remember to always use natural lighting and to take your photos at the same time of day and in the same position every time.
  5. Auto-focus. If your camera has auto-focus, be sure to use that for easiest and most consistent results.
  6. Get someone to help you. If you’re struggling to achieve good-quality images on your own, don’t be afraid to ask for help. This will make your life much easier!

*We recommend taking pictures at regular intervals whether you believe you see results or not. Once every 30 days tends to work well for this. Often, incremental progress is invisible in the day-to-day but quite evident when viewed at greater intervals.



Front. Tilting your head forward, shoot from the front.

Back. Tilting your head slightly backward, shoot from the back.

Overhead. Shoot from directly above the center of your scalp.



Of course, if you have any questions about any of the above information, we are always available to address any concerns you may have. Contact our qualified team of hair restoration experts or ORDER YOUR OWN LASER CAP and get started on your own road to happier, healthierhair today!

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