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We Happily Offer a 12 Month Satisfaction Guarantee on Every Laser Cap Purchase

illumiflow Laser Caps & Hair Loss Affiliate Program

Let me ask you a question...

[+] Are you interested in helping both men and women regrow their hair?

[+] Are you an expert marketer with experience driving traffic & generating qualified sales through SEO, email marketing, social media or paid traffic?

[+] Do you want to join the most exciting and one of the most profitable affiliate programs in the hair regrowth and hair loss industry?

If you answered yes to any of these questions the illumiflow affiliate program is a perfect fit for you.

Our affiliate program is growing by leaps and bounds and we'd love to have you. Learn more about our products below and be sure to apply so you can start promoting our products today.


For Laser Caps for Hair Regrowth

  • You can promote all of our laser caps including our 272 and 148 laser caps. We offer certified refurbished and bundle offers as well.
  • New & Unused - products are factory sealed products that were either cancelled or unopened returns. New & unused products do not have any cosmetic damage.
  • These are products that were previously opened from their original packaging. Certified refurbished units are submitted to a refurbishing process which includes thorough sterilization and reconditioning. Each certified refurbished unit is tested against the proper FDA quality standards before listed for sale.



Common Questions About Our Affiliate Program

What is the affiliate commission offered on your products? 

We offer a 10% affiliate commission on products others purchase through your affiliate link. Please note you can't buy a laser cap through your own affiliate link. If so, a commission on your own purchase will not be paid.

How long does the affiliate cookie last?

We offer an industry leading 45-day cookie, which means when you send traffic to our website today and if someone purchases under that cookie up to 45 days later you'll earn a commission.

How often do I get paid?

When you make sales as an affiliate of our illumiflow laser caps as our you get paid. All sales in a given month are paid out the following month minus any refunds or returns by the 15th of the month.

For example, any sales made in say September would be paid out minus refunds or returns in October by the 15th of the month.

Do you offer affiliate tools and support?


We 100% provide you with the tools you need to succeed as an affiliate.

We also have a dedicated affiliate manager specifically designed to support you with anything you may need to successfully promote our products.

Can I use my own creatives?

We believe in allowing our affiliates to use their own creatives as long as they are approved by our team first and foremost. Again they MUST be approved by our affiliate manager before you run your own creatives.  

This is something that few affiliate programs allow or offer.

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