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More Diodes for Better Results

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Maximize the Benefits of Laser Power to Restore Lost Hair

Low-level laser therapy, or LLLT, is a remarkable high-tech method for stimulating the body's many healing and restorative powers, including the power to regrow hair in certain types of baldness. No doubt this is exciting news if you struggle with thinning hair, but it's also important to understand that not all laser hair loss prevention and regrowth systems are created equal. It all comes down to the diodes - and more is definitely better when it comes to these tiny laser-light devices.

Laser Therapy to Stimulate Cells

To understand why you'd want to apply as many laser diodes as possible to your hair loss prevention challenges, you first must understand what low-level laser therapy is and how it affects the body. Unlike surgical lasers, which actually make incisions in tissue and cauterize blood vessels, a low-level laser does no damage to human tissue at all. In fact, it passes right through the skin to focus its curative powers on the tissue underneath.

The energy wavelength of the red-tinted laser light (which, for hair regrowth, should range between 630 and 670 nanometers) stimulates cells in the hair follicles by triggering them to produce more of a "fuel source" for growth called adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. ATP gives cells the ability to repair and regenerate themselves, boosting the follicles' ability to grow hair in the process. It's a painless, safe, drug-free, FDA-cleared answer to the question of how to stop hair loss.

Where Some LLLT Hair Growth Products Fall Short

So how do you deliver this remarkable healing modality to your head? You'll find a variety of devices currently on the market that promise to stimulate your hair follicles via their light-emitting diodes. Some of these products take the form of hair brushes, combs, or headbands equipped with 7, 9, 12 or more diodes.

Unfortunately, these instruments have some inherent limitations that reduce their efficiency, increasing the amount of work you must do to stimulate hair growth. To stimulate every part of your scalp, you must run the brush or comb over the entire area smoothly and evenly. Since this is a manual process (and a tiring one at that!), progress can often appear uneven and splotchy.

Duration of exposure is another factor to think about. It only makes sense that the longer your cells are exposed to the regenerative powers of the laser light, the more effectively that energy can assist in hair regrowth. Running a small device with relatively few diodes over your scalp doesn't provide much duration of exposure - unless you plan on spending a large part of your day brushing or combing your hair.

It's All in the Diodes

Clearly, more diodes can do a more effective job than fewer diodes, which is why you may want to turn your attention from handheld devices to caps. An LLLT cap can contain hundreds of diodes - all neatly arranged on the cap's inner surface so nobody but you know that they're there.

The number of diodes available in a laser cap determine the overall effectiveness of the device. For instance, a laser cap with 148 diodes will be more effective than a laser cap with only 80. A laser cap with 272 diodes (like the illumiflow Laser Cap or the popular Kiierr laser cap) will obviously be significantly more impactful even than a laser cap with 148.

NOTE: Beware of marketing ploys in this area, as the effective difference between 272 diodes and 300 diodes is not likely to be measurable, aside from its effect on the overall price point of the device.

You can wear such a cap around town or at home for up to 30 minutes at a time for an extended, evenly distributed hair regrowth session. Of course, you'll want to follow any included manufacturer's instructions and cautions to ensure safe usage and optimal results.

 Chart comparing illumiflow hair hats with other forms of hair restoration products 


You wouldn't pursue other health and wellness procedures halfway, so don't shortchange yourself in the hair regrowth department. Go with more LLLT diodes, and give yourself more new hair!

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