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The Complete Guide to Holistic Hair Growth


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Why holistic for hair regrowth

Hair loss is a complex and deeply emotional problem without simple diagnoses or answers. Alopecia (the catch all term for all kinds of hair loss) can be caused by any number of environmental or genetic issues. Medical professionals are motivated to find quick solutions when you ask them for help, that’s why they’re more likely to prescribe a drug like Minoxidil (Rogaine) or Finastride (Propecia), or suggest hair replacement surgery before they tell you to go to the gym more often (to reduce stress) or take a hair growth supplement (for the iron! More on that later). . Minoxidil can irritate your scalp and can cause dizziness, tiredness and facial hair growth in women. Finastride can cause rashes, swelling and impotence. And hair surgeries can be painful, unsuccessful, and patchy.

The reality is that hair loss can have a variety of causes, and likewise a variety of solutions. By lowering your stress levels, adding a supplement to your diet, using low level laser therapy, or using essential oils, you can see results in your hair growth without risking the major side effects that come with brand name drugs. By implementing holistic solutions to hair loss, you can make sure your hair regrowth doesn’t come at a huge cost to the rest of your body.

Getting started

If you want to get started with holistic hair care techniques to help regrow lost scalp hair, know that there isn’t a miracle drug. No hair growth system will work immediately, and some may not even work for you at all. We do know that some essential oils have been proven to reignite hair follicles in mice, and that laser hair systems can repair damage done to the scalp by DHT and prepare it as a site for new hair growth. However, there are only two FDA approved drugs on the market for hair loss, Minoxidil (Rogaine) or Finastride (Propecia), but that doesn’t mean they’re the only thing that works.

Having the right mindset as you start your holistic hair regrowth journey is essential for long term mind, body, and (by extension) hair health. Connecting with others who going through the same struggles on a forum can help keep your journey positive.

Look at the causes

While 95% of hair loss is caused by your genetics and an influx of DHT, there are other factors that cause hair loss, and it’s important to rule them out before you begin your journey. There are a few reasons you might be losing your hair, and the hair regrowth process should begin with a few questions. There are actually a few different types of Alopecia, and it could be important to determine the underlying cause of your hair loss before you start trying to remedy it.

Genetic causes of hair loss

95% of people experience natural hair thinning due to aging, or because they’re genetically predisposed to pattern baldness. Other factors can contribute (there is a fuzzy gray line between nature and nurture after all) but chances are your hair difficulties are predisposed.

  • Involutional alopecia is natural retirement of hair follicles as you age. Slowly, the Anagen phase (or growth phase) in each follicle is shortened until it no longer grows any hair. This is the most common type of hair loss and causes hair thinning in men and women.
  • Androgenic alopecia is typically called male pattern (or sometimes female pattern) baldness and is usually genetic. This is when the hair follicles stop working in a specific M shaped pattern near the front of your scalp. It can happen to men as early as their twenties and to women a little later in life.
  • Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease that results in patchy hair loss. This tends to happen in children or young adults under thirty. The issue is not permanent, and within a few years patients begin to regrow their hair.

What does DHT do?

DHT is a sex hormone that occurs naturally in the body when testosterone is mutated by an enzyme called 5 alpha reductase. DHT is uniquely responsible for male (and female) pattern baldness because it binds to hair follicles on the scalp and miniaturizes them. This shrinks the follicle’s Anagen stage, as well as the thickness of the hair it grows. For this reason, most successful holistic hair loss treatments such as essential oils and LLLT target DHT and the alpha-5 reductase enzyme.

Other Causes of Hair Loss

  • Hair loss from stress is not as common as androgenetic alopecia, but can happen in extreme cases.From chronic stress at work to major hormonal events like childbirth or serious illness can result in hair taking a short break. The clinical term is called Telogen Effluvium, and it causes hair follicles to suddenly go into the resting or Telogen phase. Once you are no longer experiencing stress, your hair should begin to grow back normally. If you feel like work stress is at play in your hair loss, check out our tips here to have a more stress free and hair healthy work life.
  • Certain medical conditions like ringworm, lupus, diabetes, and anemia can cause temporary hair loss. Fungal infections at the follicle level and some medications can make hair fall out as well. If the cause is fungal or caused by another medical condition, herbal remedies might help.
  • A poor diet, or a calorie restrictive lifestyle can keep hair from growing. Low iron consumption, or an overdose of Vitamin A can also be culprits, that’s why finding the holistic hair growth supplements with the right ingredients is an important step.
  • Other types of hair loss can be caused by scarring or burns, hot hair tools, perms, dyes, over-shampooing and other abrasive hair techniques. It can even be caused by a psychological condition that causes manic self-inflicted hair plucking, called trichotillomania. Ouch.

Holistic Treatments for Genetic Causes of Hair Loss

[Introduction to holistic treatments for genetic hair loss and how using a mix of these treatments is recommended for best results]


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Essential Oils

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Stress Relief

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Improved Diet

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Create a regrowth plan

Since the majority of readers will have androgenetic alopecia, we’ll be focussing this plan on holistic treatment of genetic hair loss. A holistic hair regrowth system and measurable daily goals will keep you and your hair follicles accountable.

Using the SMART goals system is a good way to achieve any goal that requires persistence and maintenance. You should be specific about your goals, and make sure they are both measurable and achievable. Rather than focusing on monotonous daily tasks, you should be results focused, and make sure you have deadlines or at least a check-in date on which you will monitor results.

Be Specific

Make sure your goal answers three questions, What? Why? And How?Example: I want to feel confident again, so I will revitalize my hair follicles by using holistic products that attack the production of DHT.

Have Measurable Goals

Every goal should have it’s own yardstick. Make sure you will know when you have accomplished it. What does regrowth mean? Maybe for you it’s a full head of hair, longer hair, or thicker hair, and you want it by this day next year.

Make sure your goals are Achievable

A good goal is one that is actually possible. You can’t grow back all of your hair by tomorrow, simply because the human hair growth cycle takes way longer than that. Consider that hair grows about 0.014 inches a day when you make your goal.

Be Results Focused

Your goal should state what the result will look like in very specific terms. This makes it more black and white when it comes to deciding whether the goal has been met or not.

Have Time Limits

Write down the exact day that you want to hit your goal, even if it seems arbitrary at the time. If it isn’t time-bound, it’s not really measurable, which mean it’s not really a SMART goal.

Commit and get started

Make sure to take pictures of your progress from the same angle, under the same lighting so you can see the positive change you’re making. Also consider keeping a journal of your daily activities so you know what’s working and what’s not. If you have a hard time remembering to do your treatment everyday, consider hanging seven post it notes on your bathroom mirror. Everyday when you do the treatment, remove a post it, and reapply them the following week.

If you want to embark on a holistic hair regrowth journey just know you’re not alone and we’re here to support you. There are so many options to consider from laser hair systems to balms and oils, lifestyle changes to supplements and just one may not work on its own. By making a concerted and thoughtful attempt at finding out what combination of treatments works for your hair follicles you may find your own unique solution for positive holistic hair regrowth.

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