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COVID Hair Loss

COVID Hair Loss

Is It Real?

By: illumiflow
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When you think of COVID-19, you probably relate the illness to loss of taste, fever, and even loss of smell. And while these are all very real symptoms of COVID, you might be surprised to learn that COVID can also cause hair loss. So, what causes this unfortunate side effect and how can you grow back your hair after the illness? Well, keep reading as we dive into COVID hair loss and what you can do about it, such as looking into a laser cap.

COVID and Hair Loss

Researchers are still studying COVID and the after effects of the illness. What they have found is that in a 2020 study of COVID patients, 24% of participants reported hair loss as a side effect of COVID. They found that on average, two months after the illness, participants began to experience hair loss.

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Does COVID Cause Hair Loss?

Yes, COVID can cause hair loss. This hair loss is linked to a condition known as telogen effluvium. Telogen effluvium is characterized by sudden hair loss and will occur after a significant event like a traumatic situation, excessive stress, surgery, or severe illness. Typically, if you have telogen effluvium you will see hair loss a few months after your illness.

Researchers are still trying to determine the after effects of COVID, but a study in May 2020 found that 67% of patients hospitalized from severe COVID also had androgenic alopecia (balding).

Is Hair Loss a Symptom of COVID?

Yes, hair loss has been added as a potential side effect of COVID along with a host of other symptoms including:

  • Fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • Fever
  • Loss of smell or taste
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sleep problems
  • Joint pain

How To Stop Hair Loss After COVID

You might be wondering if hair loss from COVID is permanent or if there is anything you can do to restore hair loss. The good news is that with a few lifestyle changes and the help of some hair loss therapies, you can regrow your hair. Just know that the process will take a few months to see results. So before we dive into hair loss treatment options, let’s cover some essential lifestyle changes you can make to increase hair growth.

Eating Nourishing Foods

Sickness can take a toll on your body and it is very important to focus on healthy foods to give your body the nourishment it needs to heal. Some of the best foods for hair growth include eggs, avocados, fatty fish, greens, berries, greek yogurt, and legumes. Adding these foods to your plate will help restore your body and encourage hair growth. Try to limit sugar, alcohol, and processed foods as these can actually increase hair loss.

Move Your Body

Once you feel recovered from your illness, you might be able to add back in some daily movement. Exercise is great to increase oxygen and circulation to your body (including your scalp) so trying to get at least 30 minutes of movement in per day is ideal. You don’t have to hit the treadmill or do cross fit to reap the benefits of exercise, just focus on finding movement you enjoy and that you will stick to. Some gentle 3ways to get rated are pilates, yoga, walking, beginner strength training, and swimming.

Manage Stress

Stress is another cause of hair loss and it can also damage your immune system, so getting your stress in check will work wonders for your hair and your happiness. There are many ways you can work to manage stress like mediation, self-care, journaling, practicing gratitude, therapy, getting outside, and spending time with loved ones.

COVID Hair Loss Treatment

Once you have added healthier foods to your diet, managed your stress, and focused on some daily movement, you can start focusing on hair loss treatments. There are several at-home remedies to heal your hairline and start the journey to growing back your hair.


Minoxidil (Rogaine) is an FDA approved treatment for hair loss that is available over the counter and requires use 2x per day. While minoxidil does help improve hair loss you do need to use this treatment for life as new hairs can fall out once you discontinue use. With minoxidil, you can expect to see new growth within a few months of starting treatment, so this is a promising solution for hair loss.

Hair Growth Vitamins

While eating the right foods is important for hair growth, there can be some nutrients that are harder to get and therefore adding in a hair growth supplement is helpful to restore hair loss. Many hair growth supplements include different herbs and nutrients that will help increase hair growth beyond a healthy diet.

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Low-Level Laser Therapy

LLLT or low-level laser therapy works to restore your hair follicles at a cellular level, improving hair growth and density safely and effectively. Some laser caps like illumiflows are FDA cleared and have amazing results for hair growth. LLLT works well with other hair growth remedies like supplements and minoxidil if you are looking to enhance your results even more.

COVID is a severe illness that can have lasting effects on your health and your hairline. Hair loss is never fun, however thankfully there are a few ways you can grow back your hair and hit those #hairgoals even faster. Don’t forget to eat well, move your body, and manage stress so you can recover quicker and enjoy the many health benefits of taking care of your body.

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