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Creative Things You Can Do to Conceal Your Hair Loss

At some point, whether you are a man or a woman, you are going to notice your hair getting thinner. It happens as most of us age. There is a very good chance that some of your hair may just stop growing entirely. It falls out and that is the last you will ever see of anything coming out of that follicle. However, there are ways to camouflage thinning hair that maybe you have never thought of. Done the right way, it will be tough to even tell you are battling hair loss.

Get Your Hair Cut Shorter

There is a reason men and women start getting their hair cut shorter as they get older. They might say it is to simplify things so they can do their hair much quicker in the morning, but that isn’t the whole truth. When your hair starts to thin out, you can make it look much fuller by shortening the length of it. 
For men, it might just involve taking it in on the sides and leaving a little bit of length on top. For women, they can take their long hair and get it cut shoulder-length or even shorter. Something so simple gives the hair so much more life. Plus, getting a shorter haircut will allow you to conceal any hair loss that perhaps is not quite so noticeable yet. 

Switch Shampoos

You may be amazed at what a different shampoo can do for your hair. There are numerous shampoos on the market that claim to be able to thicken hair. Some of them are extremely expensive and will scare you off with the price tag and others are very reasonably priced. In any case, compare the ingredients and you will probably notice they all pretty much made with the same ingredients. Some of the shampoos even claim that they can thicken hair up to 50 percent. For men and women noticing thinning hair or complete hair loss, this type of shampoo could make a huge difference. 

Buzz Your Head Almost Completely

Never in the history of man is there a better time to be bald. Some of the biggest celebrities that are considered the most attractive men in the world are currently walking around without a hair on their head. It definitely helps if you hit the weights and add some muscle to your frame so you don’t look like a walking Q-tip though. 

For any guy that has decided to go with a shaved head, it was probably a nerve-wracking moment when the clippers and razor first started hitting their scalp. And for the first month or two, you can expect little snide remarks here and there from friends and family members. However, you will feel like a new man as you are no longer concerned about hair loss. With a shaved head, it can be difficult for others to even know how much hair you are missing. Of course, when you don’t shave your head for a few days and you have the horseshoe look, it will be noticeable. But if you shave your head every couple of days, only you will know how much hair you do or don’t have left. 

Wigs Aren’t What They Used to Be

Wigs have been around forever. Just take a look at George Washington and the other men during his time. They all had these giant white wigs on their heads. Lucky for us, the evolution of the wig has come a long way since then. 

If you are a man or a woman and are doubting that you can make a commitment to a hair replacement system (fancy name for a wig), you should take a look at old and new Hollywood. John Wayne, Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, Jimmy Stewart, Matthew McConaughey, Ben Affleck, and numerous others were or are rocking their hair replacement systems. Plus, many female celebrities are either walking around in full wigs or hair attachments to give themselves the look they want. There are many hair replacement companies that offer their services to help combat the appearance of hair loss. Finding one close to you probably won’t be a problem. 

Hair Tattoos

Scalp pigmentation, or hair tattoos, are increasing in popularity by the day. Men and women are allowing specialized tattoo artists to ink the appearance of hair onto their scalps. Some of the results look pretty great. Just be careful when making this choice because you may decide a year or two later that you made a huge mistake.

Hair Fibers and Make-Up for Your Hair

If you are searching for something less permanent than scalp pigmentation, you can instead tackle the hair loss problem every morning. With hair fibers, you can simply sprinkle it into your existing hair, give it a couple of pats to let everything settle in, use a bit of hair spray to keep it in place, and you almost instantly have thicker hair. Of course, just don’t let anyone run their fingers through your hair otherwise you will have some explaining to do.

There are also other products that go on the scalp to camouflage hair loss as well. It is basically a type of make-up that goes on to the scalp and blends in with the color of your hair, so it is tough to tell you are losing much hair at all. Still, you don’t want to get caught in a heavy rain without an umbrella as that make-up will start to run down your face pretty quickly. You think hair loss is embarrassing? It will be much more embarrassing trying to explain to others why you have dark streaks running from your head on to your face.

Don’t Just Conceal, But Do Something about It

Of course, instead of trying to play the whole concealing game, you can actually try to stop the hair loss in its tracks. Low-level laser therapy is a good option as it won’t be a huge intrusion into your life. You can simply use a laser cap a few times a week and actually regrow some of the hair you lost. Who wouldn’t want more hair on their head without the hassle?

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