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I recently purchased this 272-diode laser cap because my friend uses one and he's had positive results. He experienced new hair growth and thicker and healthier hair in general so had a lot less noticeable hair lost in the shower, while combing, etc.

To be honest, I was borrowing his cap for a while but finally purchased my own. I've started to experience similar results now, too. I started by using the laser cap every day and now use it at least every other day for 30 minutes at a time. The lasers really do stimulate the scalp and get the blood flowing - you can actually feel it. It's like a hands-free workout for my scalp!

The tiny thinning hairs on my receding hairline have started to thicken and grow again. I used to think they were a lost cause but now it's actually exciting to watch the progress. Some hairs grow faster than others but the net effect is that my hair looks less thin from the front, which is great. Hopefully they will keep growing!

I've also been fighting thinning hair for years on the top of my scalp and I noticed these hairs are getting thicker as well. The thinned patch up there is less noticeable when I get out of the shower and especially when my hair dries. It might seem lame but I use a mirror to check from various angles and thus far I am very pleased with the results. I'm actually super excited and even feel more confident. Anyone with thinning hair will understand, I’m sure.

Anyway, this laser helmet really does work. Just be patient and focus on all the other things that affect hair loss as well, things like your diet, stress levels, etc., and the laser cap will do the heavy lifting. I'm really loving this laser technology.

Another thing to note is that this product has 272 diodes, which is much more than other solutions on the market, including the helmets and laser combs. Much more effective! I used laser combs in the past without noticeable results except for sore shoulders from holding the comb to my head for so long.

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I've used this for a year now & the results are fantastic! I have hip length, very fine hair & it was REALLY falling out. It was getting so thin that I was starting to feel really miserable. After using this hat my hair stopped falling out.

If I use it every 3 days instead of every 2 days, 2 times in a row it starts falling out with a vengeance again. So I'm careful to make sure I use it every other day. My hair may not be as thick as it was in my youth, but it's attractive again & thick enough that I'm happy & no longer depressed about it. And it’s definitely still getting thicker and healthier, too.

It might sound strange, but I don't judge my hair by before & after pictures at all. I actually judge it by what I see in the drain while washing it. Before the hat I was having to grab strands of hair, several at a time, as they streamed for the drain. Now I only lose one hair at a time, every now & then, as I'm washing. It’s a definite improvement.

I should also mention that I use an herb called Shen Min for hair loss. Between that and this laser cap, I’ve been really happy with the results.

I love this laser cap. I bought one on Amazon and it works really well. It's much less money and a better value than the competition, with exactly the same number of diodes. Low level laser therapy for hair loss has been proven to work with many clinical studies. It really is easy to use and you only need to use it for 30 minutes every other day.

I put it on my head when I'm relaxing at night in front of the TV, and it's really easy. It feels slightly warm but otherwise I don't notice anything uncomfortable. The lights blink on and off, but that is apparently how it is supposed to work, so don't get freaked out. I'm super happy with this cap. It has excellent quality and great value.

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About 2 years ago I decided it was time to start taking my hair loss seriously. At that point, I started doing 3 things:

  1. Got a prescription for Finasteride
  2. Started using Rogaine Foam twice a day
  3. Did 3 sessions a week with a Theradome Cap

I was very regular with all 3 treatments and my hair loss stopped - and then reversed just a bit; although, I don't ever expect it to go back to how it looked when I was younger. If only I had started treating it just a few years earlier...

Of the 3 treatments, I have to admit that I have always been most skeptical of the laser caps. Regardless, a few weeks ago I was talking to my doctor and he recommended getting a Capillus Laser Cap instead because both he and several of his patients had seen very positive results.

When I got home, I jumped on Amazon and about had a heart attack when I saw the price. :)

That's where this Illumiflow cap comes in! I wasn't sure it was the same thing; but, after watching multiple videos and reviews I decided to take the plunge and try it out - especially since I could just return it if it was junk. Fortunately, this thing is actually pretty awesome:

  1. Compared to the Theradome, this cap is absolutely amazing! It only takes a few seconds of using each to see that they aren't in the same league at all, with the Illumiflow offering better coverage and more powerful lasers.
  2. The most irritating thing about the Theradome was that ridiculous talking timer. This doesn't have anything like that (although I do wish there was some type of notification when the treatment is over).
  3. This cap is an excellent value - and seems to be a quality product.

Having said that, I do have some minor complaints:

  1. Since the cap isn't adjustable, it probably won't fit many people perfectly. I'm a big guy (6'7") and this is a bit small for me. As a result, this cap sits just a little higher and more forward on my head than I would prefer - but it does give great coverage in that position.
  2. Although the cap itself seems like a quality product, the battery pack seems like junk. I tested it with an Anker Power Bank after looking at the rated input and output numbers - and it seems to work perfectly so I don't think it will be a huge deal if this battery pack dies prematurely.

I'm still not 100% convinced that laser therapy really works, but I'll continue using it until it's proven one way or the other since it's pretty simple to do.

IN SUMMARY: It's hard to believe this cap is a third of the cost of the mid-range Capillus - and a quarter of the cost of the high-end model that's more comparable to this! If they were closer in price, I probably would have gone with the name brand, but this much of a price difference is just too much to ignore... If you're looking for a laser cap you can use at home, then I would highly recommend giving this one a try! 

I’m not sure what is more shocking, the fact that this product actually worked for me or that I am continuing to wear what I initially blew off as the “Chia Pet hat”. I received this as a gift from my best friend for my anniversary and I cannot thank him enough! I have been shaving my head bald for well over 15 years, I let go of the insecurity of being “folically challenged” a long time ago. Despite that, shaving your head clean every day is a chore and I only get uncomfortable about my noggin when I let what’s left of my hair grows in. I really hate it how it looks and have been seriously of thinking about tattooing stubbles on my head to help fill in the gaps to look consistent. I am not into tattoos and it’s very expensive to get done but I have been inching closer to pulling that trigger…until illumiflow landed on my head.

I have been using it for over 6 weeks and started to see a change in week 3. As mentioned earlier, I shave my head every day except on weekends. I noticed that after almost two days of not shaving some of my bald spot appeared to have a denser stubs and even looked more filled out. I wanted to confirm this so I let my hair grow out for three days just to see what it really looked like. I then shaved like normal keeping close tabs on my dome. By the end of week 3 a little more definitely appeared to come back. Now 6 weeks in I am pretty pumped that I regained enough to go two days without shaving and still feel comfortable going out.

Overall, I am extremely happy with this product, especially for being a complete doubter! Being pleasantly surprised by the results is why I took the time to write a review for it, I really want to spread the word to other doubters. I am not expecting this to regrow all of my hair back as I will continue to shave my head but I am very hopeful I can grow more back to keep more of a youthful shaved stubble look. Worth the investment!

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