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Illumiflow Wholesale Program


Illumiflow is a revolutionary device that uses Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) to stimulate hair growth from the root source. The illumiflow laser cap is painless, has no side effects and is FDA approved. Read on to learn more about the illumiflow laser cap and the wholesale options available to retailers, including med spas, hair loss clinics and salons.

Product Information

The illumiflow cap is a discreet scalp cover that can be worn on its own or under another hat. It can be used while sitting, standing, walking or lying down. There are no cables that tie a user to a wall socket. Users can read, watch television, have a snack or even get a pedicure while the LLLT penetrates the scalp to encourage new hair growth. Our product was FDA cleared using the popular brand Capillus as the “predicate” device. This allows us to offer a comparable, and in some ways superior, product at a fraction of the price.

The cap uses diodes to stimulate hair follicles in a proven, effective, and completely painless way. Illumiflow can be used in addition to other hair growth treatments. Whether using medication, creams or hair-growth shampoos or tonics, there will be no adverse effects by adding illumiflow to the hair growth plan. All that is needed is 30 minutes about three times a week to start seeing results. Our device will make a great addition to your product offerings AND will likely enhance the benefits of other hair loss treatments. This adds to your overall customer satisfaction. It is common for laser therapy to be paired with PRP treatments and hair-transplant surgery.

Wholesale Program (includes product warranty)

At illumiflow, we believe everyone should have a thick, healthy head of hair. Therefore, we started the illumiflow Wholesale Program. We offer distribution options for the 148 and 272 laser caps. We will work with you to find the right wholesale structure for your business and your budget.

Our existing illumiflow wholesale customers have found that the cap practically sells itself. Once your customers learn of all the benefits of laser therapy for hair regrowth, they are certain to want to experience it firsthand. They may already know that laser therapy is clinically proven. They might even know that laser therapy helps to increase the success of hair transplant surgery and other hair regrowth methods. What they may not know is how easy and affordable it is.

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