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Over-the-Counter Supplements That Could Promote Hair Growth

As you begin losing your hair, you start looking for all kinds of answers. You are searching for the answer to why this is happening to you. This is called the “why me?” phase. Next, you start accepting the situation and looking for ways to make it stop or even figure out how to regrow what you have already lost. You might start reading about Minoxidil, Propecia, or even hair transplants. However, the answer to your hair loss might be as simple as adding the right supplements to your daily routine.

Biotin Could Fix Thinning Hair
Who here has spent serious money on expensive shampoos that say they can make hair thicker? We are all guilty. However, it could be as simple as supplementing with biotin. Biotin is a B vitamin. People lacking in biotin usually have thinning hair. It makes perfect sense that if you start supplementing it more into your daily routine, it could lead to thicker hair over time and even stimulate hair growth.

Get Your Daily Dose of Zinc
If you have a zinc deficiency, there are ways that it manifests itself inside and outside your body. Hair loss is one of those ways. Making sure you have zinc in your system will help your hair with growth and repair. Plus, it makes sure the oil glands on your scalp are working.

A Little Iron Goes a Long Way
The doctor always warns how a lack of iron can make you anemic. Sometimes we just nod and never really listen to their instructions of ingesting more of it. But if the doctor also told us that a lack of iron could make us lose our hair, we would all be running out to the nearest pharmacy. Without iron, your blood can’t carry the oxygen to all parts of the body. This will lead to dull and thinning hair and eventually hair loss. By supplementing with iron, you can stimulate hair growth and reverse the damage that has already been done.

Vitamin C Could Cure Your Hair Loss
Most people think they only need extra doses of vitamin C when they have a cold. However, if you are deficient in vitamin C, it could bring on a whole slew of problems. One of these problems is hair loss. A lack of vitamin C will have your hair dry and splitting. Hopefully, no one lights a match in your direction if you are vitamin Cstarved because your hair could go up in smoke. With the right amount of vitamin C, your hair will be shiny and healthy, and your scalp will be too. Plus, your skin and nails should be in better shape as well.

Vitamin A Needs to Be Taken Wisely
A lack of vitamin A can cause hair thinning and hair loss. But keep in mind, an overdose of vitamin A can also result in hair loss as well, so don’t overdo it. Vitamin A needs to be taken in moderation as it can help nourish the hair and stop breakage as well. If you aren’t sure if you are getting enough vitamin A, a daily vitamin could take care of this problem. It might just result in a thicker head of hair.

Protein Is Not Just for Muscles Anymore
Most people associate protein supplements with trying to build bigger muscles. They don’t realize that it also benefits the hair, among other things. Hair follicles are made of mostly protein. In fact, your hair consists of a protein called keratin. If you are not getting enough protein, you will suffer hair loss as your hair becomes limper and weaker by the day. Just brushing it could have hairs coming out of your head. Adding more protein to your diet will help hair stay strong and healthy. Eggs are a great source of protein, so a couple of eggs every morning could do the trick.

Collagen May Be Just What You Need to Keep Your Youth
Ever hear of collagen? Most people that have heard about it associate it with skincare. However, collagen is actually a protein found in your skin, ligaments, and tendons, and it gives you that healthy and strong hair that only supermodels seem to possess. Collagen has been proven in studies to promote skin elasticity and fight cell damage. It may even be able to keep that gray hair away. You can get your daily dose of collagen from bone broth, but if you don’t have that sitting around in your pantry, you could take collagen supplements that will do the trick as well.

How Do You Ensure You Are Getting All the Vitamins and Minerals You Need for Your Hair?
It doesn’t have to be overly complicated. You can probably get most of these vitamins and minerals needed for optimal hair growth and thickness by eating a clean and healthy diet. But if you are constantly on the go and your idea of eating healthy is getting a cheeseburger instead of a Big Mac, you might need to incorporate a daily vitamin into your morning routine. Plus, adding a few other supplements mentioned above could pay off with noticeably thicker hair.

Attack Hair Loss From Inside and Out
While you are taking all of your supplements to ensure you don’t have a deficiency in anything that is causing your hair loss, there is a simple way to promote hair growth and thicker hair from the outside as well.

Low-level laser therapy has demonstrated, through researched studies, the ability to improve the appearance of your hair. It can have your hair growing quicker and thicker in as little as a couple of months. You can just wear a laser cap on your head a few times a week while you are watching television or reading a book and it could very well result in an improved head of hair. Supplements are great and, with the added assistance of LLLT, you can counteract hair loss on all fronts.

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