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Causes of Hair Loss in Men

Your Guide to Hair Loss

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Causes for Hair Loss in Males

Experiencing hair loss can be extremely stressful, especially when you don’t know why you are losing your hair in the first place. Getting a grasp of why you are losing your hair will help you better understand how to create sustainable growth in the future and pick the best hair growth method for your unique hair needs.

How Much Hair Loss is Normal for Males?

On average men lose about 50-100 hair per day. Anything more than this is considered hair loss.

Reasons for Hair Loss in Men

There can be several causes of hair loss in men, some more common than others. Here is a breakdown of the typical causes of balding.

Stress: While it might seem strange to hear that stress causes hair loss, stress is actually a common cause of hair loss in men, known as telogen effluvium. This condition is characterized by sudden hair loss and thinning and typically occurs after a traumatic event of prolonged exposure to stress.

Diet: If you are restricting calories or not getting the right nutrients, hair loss is sure to follow. It is important to eat a healthy diet, get enough calories, and not cut out major food groups. When you don’t get the proper nutrients, your body doesn’t have the tools it needs to keep your hair healthy.

Aging: Yes, getting older does come with hair loss for many men. While you can’t prevent aging, you can use hair growth methods like LLLT for hair growth to prevent further loss and grow back your hair.

Grooming: If you are using the wrong hair products, wearing your hair up in tight styles, or using hair treatments like dye, perms, and heat tools- you might be causing your hair to fall out.

Medical Causes: If you have an autoimmune disorder, high blood pressure, or cancer, then a medical issue could be causing your hair loss. It is important to work with your doctor if you think this might be the cause of your hair loss.

Why am I Going Bald?

You might be going bald due to aging, genetics, medical issues, your diet, or because of stress.

Sudden Hair Loss in Men

Sudden hair loss in men can be attributed to a number of factors like hormones, stress, and alopecia areata. Alopecia areata is an immune disorder that can cause sudden and unpredictable hair loss in men. This condition can cause dramatic hair loss, or just small patches, so the hair loss looks different for everyone. While the exact cause of alopecia areata is still being studied, it is considered a genetic condition.

Sudden hair loss can be traumatic, so speaking with a medical professional is helpful to discover the root cause of your hair loss. Sometimes changes in medications or health issues can bring on balding, so always be diligent in checking with your doctor.

Can Hair Loss be a Sign of Something Serious?

Yes, sudden hair loss can be a sign of a more serious health issue like lupus, or hypothyroidism.

Best Hair Growth Treatment

After you have worked with your medical provider to rule out any potential health issues, you can start to focus on holistic hair growth. There are several hair growth methods available to support your #hairgoals, so let’s dive into the most popular hair loss treatments for men.

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Dermarolling for hair loss is a popular solution since it is inexpensive and requires only a few minutes of your time. This hair growth method uses tiny needles to create little abrasions in your skin that help encourage growth and allow for topical treatments to better reach your hair follicles. If you are using a hair growth treatment like minoxidil, pairing this treatment together will help increase your results.

Low-Level Laser Therapy

Low-level laser therapy is the best hair growth treatment if you are looking for a non-invasive, effective, and pain free solution. Low-level laser therapy or LLLT is easy to use and produces results in as little as 4-6 months. This treatment uses lasers, housed in a laser cap to stimulate your hair follicles and encourage hair growth. All of illlumiflows lasers caps are also FDA cleared so they meet safety and quality regulations.

Hair Growth Supplements

A hair growth vitamin can be a wonderful addition to your hair growth routine. Hair vitamins have the added vitamins and minerals needed to boost hair growth and give your body the building blocks it needs to send nutrients to your hair follicles. Hair growth vitamins are great to supplement alongside a healthy diet that includes the right foods to support your hair goals.


Why is my Hair Suddenly Falling Out?

Sudden hair loss is known as alopecia areata and is an immune disorder that causes patches of hair loss or balding in men.

Hair loss is a difficult condition to deal with, but luckily there are treatments that can help support your hair goals and prevent future hair loss. As you know the cause of hair loss is just as important as the treatment. Once you address the underlying condition, you can easily pick a hair growth treatment to help create long lasting hair growth.

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