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Best Hair Loss Treatment

Best Hair Loss Treatment

What is the Best Treatment if you're Going Bald?

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Hair loss happens, and when it does, you might find yourself scrambling to find the best hair loss treatment.

The truth is, there are many hair growth options available, so it can get a little confusing knowing which option is best for you. There are surgeries, medications, vitamins, shampoos, and the list could go on for a while, but who has time for that? So, let's make it easy with a quick look at the best treatment for hair loss.

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Best Hair Loss Treatment for Men

A holistic approach is always the best hair loss treatment. While many products are designed to work alone, the truth is, a solid and consistent hair growth routine will help you grow your hair faster (and help you actually keep it).

With that being said, what treatments should be added to your hair growth routine? Well, for starters, add LLLT to your list because this laser therapy option is one of the best hair treatments for hair loss. LLLT works to stimulate blood flow, increase oxygen to your scalp, and you can see reliable and consistent results within a few months. The science behind LLLT is pretty incredible, with years of clinical studies behind it, and some laser caps like illumiflow' are even FDA cleared for safety and efficiency. This technology makes hair growth easy since you only wear the laser cap a few times per week in 30-minute intervals.

Along with treatments like LLLT, some of the other best treatments for hair loss include minoxidil and finasteride. Minoxidil is a topical hair growth treatment that encourages hair growth. This treatment option is FDA-approved and available over the counter. If topical treatments are not your thing, you can try finasteride. You can only get this medication with a prescription from your doctor, so keep that in mind. But, as we mentioned earlier, you really should focus on having a solid hair growth routine. That means eating a healthy diet, managing your stress, and getting in some daily movement – alongside any hair growth treatment you choose.

Some additional complimentary hair growth treatments that can aid in your fight against hair loss include both dermarollers and scalp massagers. Both tools can be used to stimulate the hair follicles on the scalp. These type of stimulation has been shown to improve hair thickness and help those dealing with androgenic alopecia.

Best hair loss treatments for men

  1. LLLT
  2. Minoxidil
  3. Finasteride
  4. Lifestyle changes

Best Hair Loss Treatment for Women

Men and women both experience hair loss, but it is less discussed for women for some reason. Women experience hair loss for various reasons, but hormones, pregnancy, and menopause are common causes. So, it's essential to get your hormones balanced when trying to grow back your hair.

While the causes for hair loss in women might be slightly different from men, the best hair loss treatment is similar. Using LLLT works great for women too, and it's easy to use at home (so you don't have to worry about excessive doctor's office visits), and it won't mess with any medications or cause any adverse effects if you are breastfeeding.

Another great option for female hair loss is a hair growth vitamin. There are several hair growth supplements on the market that can help balance your mood, enhance your nutrition, and help support your #hairgoals.

Another essential component to growing back your hair is making healthy choices. Show your body and your hairline a little extra love with nourishing foods, mindfulness, and fitting in some form of daily movement. Getting the right lifestyle choices nailed down will help you grow back healthier hair more efficiently.

Best hair loss treatments for women

  1. LLLT
  2. Getting your hormones balanced
  3. Hair growth vitamins
  4. Lifestyle changes

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Stress-Based Hair Loss

The best treatment for hair loss due to stress is, as you guessed it, stress management. Stress-induced hair loss is known as telogen effluvium, and this type of hair loss can come on suddenly, causing extreme hair shedding. While using hair loss vitamins and LLLT can help grow your hair, addressing your stress should be your first treatment option. While stress is a common part of life, managing stress can significantly impact your health (and your hair).

Stress causes a host of health issues like:

  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Hair loss
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Immune system issues
  • Low energy levels

So we know stress is bad, but what can we do about it? Well, there are quite a few ways you can address your stress. For one, adding mindfulness to your daily routine can improve your stress levels and your mood. Daily meditation, breath work, and even journaling are great ways to address and manage your stress.

Along with mindfulness, you can also try adding in some yoga. Yoga is a moving meditation and can help calm your nerves, improve your mood, and encourage a sense of peace even on your most stressful days.

If yoga and meditation are not your thing, try going for walks, getting outside, or visiting loved ones. But no matter what you do, try to make stress management a daily practice. Once you get your stress under control, using LLLT or other hair growth methods will be more effective.

illumiflow: The Best Treatment for Hair Loss

LLLT is a wonderful option for growing back your hair in terms of safety, effectiveness, and affordability. Now that you know LLLT is a top choice for hair loss, you might be wondering how to find the most fitting laser cap for your hair needs.

We always recommend finding a laser cap that is FDA cleared, backed by third-party testing, and also one that uses enough laser diodes for full scalp coverage. If you want a full rundown of the top laser caps and a full comparison guide, you can check that out here.

But, while LLLT is the best hair treatment for hair loss, you should always focus on making long-term, sustainable changes to your lifestyle.

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