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illumiflow Laser Cap Discounts: 5 Money-Saving Tips

illumiflow Laser Cap Discounts

5 Money-Saving Tips

By: illumiflow
Read Time: 6 Min

Hair loss is not only a stressful experience, but it can also be a costly one. There are expensive surgeries, buy-for-life medications, supplements, shampoos, pillowcases, laser caps, and the list continues to grow while your bank account tends to, well, not grow.

The good news is, there are many ways you can cut the costs and enjoy the benefits of hair regrowth from home without the hefty price tag. 

Low-level laser therapy is a great way to grow back your hair and do so in a cost-effective and discreet manner. If you are already considering a laser cap for hair regrowth, then we recommend trying out these five money-saving tips to get your illumiflow laser cap at a price your wallet can agree with.

1. Get a Refurbished Laser Cap

Did you know you can get one of our refurbished laser caps at a great discount while still enjoying the quality, safety, and effectiveness that illumiflow laser caps offer? Our refurbished laser caps come with the same industry-leading five-year warranty and money-back guarantee as our new laser caps.

We have both the 148 laser cap and the 272 laser cap available. Often, these haven't been opened by customers. Our team hand inspects each device to ensure it meets FDA requirements and all refurbished laser caps are:

  • Clinically Proven
  • Non-invasive
  • Easy to use
  • High-quality
  • FDA Cleared
  • Third-party Tested

2. Join Our Rebate Program

If you purchase an illumiflow laser cap, we offer an in-house rebate program for all of our customers. You don't have to jump through hoops to get your $200. In fact, we only require that you share your success with us.

It's super easy to get started with our rebate program. Here is a quick look at what it requires:

Step 1. Order your illumiflow Laser Cap.

Step 2. Take your before pictures (we offer how-to's over here)

Step 3. Start using your laser cap as instructed

Step 4. Take after pictures once you start enjoying results

Step 5. Share your Before & After images photos

Step 6. Plan how you’ll spend your $200 rebate!

We also offer rebates for simply recording a quick testimonial video for us to share! Call our team to learn more about our extensive rebate program.

3. Become an Affiliate

Have you ever heard of affiliate programs? To keep it simple, affiliate programs allow you to earn money while sharing products you love with friends, family, and even on your blog (if you have one). At illumiflow we offer a generous affiliate program with a 10% base commission and other perks you will love. You can apply to our affiliate program over here and get started earning money while helping others with hair loss.

Selfie collage of illumiflow affiliates  smiling while wearing their laser caps

4. Shop During Sales

We love to offer huge Black Friday savings to our customers. But if it's not November when you read this, you don't just have to wait for Black Friday to save big on illumiflow laser caps. We offer sales throughout the year to pass along the best savings to our customers. You can easily stay updated with our prices by checking our product pages or checking out our Facebook page.

5. Do Your Research

If you are still shopping around for a laser cap, it's easy to find several laser cap options on the market for hair loss. Be diligent in your research, as many laser caps offer fewer diodes for your dollar, and that means slower results for you. Here’s a quick cost comparison of popular options in the industry:

comparison chart highlighting the value of a laser cap based on diodes per dollar

If you’re wondering the exact differences between the most popular brands you’ve come across, check out our side-by-side comparison to see if an illumiflow hair regrowth solution is right for you.

illumiflow vs Capillus

illumiflow vs Kiierr

illumiflow vs iRestore

While some options might save you a few bucks if they don't work, it's pointless. We recommend you get a laser cap that is FDA cleared, third-party tested, and high-quality so you can achieve optimal results. Also, look for real-life results for reliable feedback on the product's effectiveness.

Results from illumiflow Customers

  • Men Results
  • Women Results
Illumiflow Laser Cap Before and After Photos_ Low Level Laser Therapy Results_Men 35 2020
Illumiflow Laser Cap Before and After Photos_ Low Level Laser Therapy Results_Men 31 2019
Illumiflow Laser Cap Before and After Photos_ Low Level Laser Therapy Results_Women Age 61 2018
Illumiflow Laser Cap Before and After Photos_ Low Level Laser Therapy Results_Women Age 45 2020

At illumiflow, we strive to offer hair restoration solutions that are accessible to everyone. We understand that every budget has different needs. We hope you found these tips useful, and we look forward to seeing you restore your hair with illumiflow.

Ready to reach your #hairgoals? Take our short quiz to understand if low-level laser therapy is right for you.

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