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illumiflow vs. iRestore Laser Caps

illumiflow vs. iRestore Laser Caps

In-depth Comparison Guide

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Are you ready to reach your #hairgoals holistically and affordably? If the answer is yes, then LLLT is the perfect hair restoration solution for you. LLLT, or low-level laser therapy, is a clinically tested method for hair loss that uses laser light's power and therapeutic properties. The lasers are typically housed in a cap that you can easily use at home to begin the process of hair growth. 

As with any technology, there are many options available, and it can be hard knowing what laser cap is right for you. There are many features to look out for, and it takes some research to find a quality laser cap that works. Today, we will dive into an in-depth review of Illumiflow vs. iRestore laser caps to make things easier for you and help you make a well-researched decision.

illumiflow vs. iRestore Laser Caps

With illumiflow and iRestore, you have two laser caps to choose from. iRestore offers an economical option, the iRestore essential and a more advanced model, the iRestore Professional. illumiflow also offers two models, the illumiflow 148 laser cap and the illumiflow 272 laser cap.

While both companies offer two options, there are some significant differences in overall value, laser diodes, and even their power sources. Since there are a few options to choose from, we will look at both models on their own and then review overall value and safety for all products.

illumiflow 272 vs. iRestore Professional Comparison Chart

Here’s a quick side-by-side comparison:

illumiflow 272 vs irestore professional comparison chart

illumiflow 148 vs. iRestore Esssential

Most laser cap companies will offer a few different options of laser caps to their customers. The basic models typically house fewer laser diodes and therefore cost less. While this is a great economical way to use LLLT technology, it is important to note that the more laser diodes you have, the more scalp coverage you will experience and the better results.  

If you are in the beginning stages of hair loss, having fewer laser diodes might work perfectly for you, so this is still a great option depending on your unique needs.

The iRestore Essential laser cap has 51 lasers and LEDs for $695 and has a 255 mW output. The illumiflow 148 laser cap has 148 laser diodes for $849 and has a 740mW output. As you can see, illumiflow offers more laser diodes and power output than iRestore. In fact, illumiflow offers 97 more laser diodes and uses no LEDs (more on that in a bit). While there is a $154 price difference, the overall value is better for illumfilow. With the illumiflow 148 laser cap, you pay $5.73 per laser diode, and with iRestore, you pay $13.62 for laser diodes and LEDs.

If you’ve made it past the side-by-side comparison and are still wondering which laser cap is better, these next sections are for you! We’ll dive into the granular differences between both and why it matters.

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iRestore vs. illumiflow Laser Cap Technology

Now that we took a look at the economical options offered by iRestore and illumiflow and the more advanced options let's take an overall deep dive into the technology, portability, and other differences between iRestore and illumiflow.

As you saw from the comparison chart above, both companies also offer higher-end models, the iRestore professional and the illumiflow 272 laser cap. If you still need more information about which laser cap is right for you, keep reading for a more in-depth look.

Lasers vs. LEDs

As we mentioned above, iRestore uses LEDs along with laser diodes in both of their laser cap options. On the other hand, illumiflow only uses laser diodes for their laser caps. You might be wondering why this matters and how LEDs and laser diodes impact your success.

The science behind LLLT is based on the use of laser light, not LEDs. In fact, LEDs do not have the same ability as lasers to treat deeper tissue, and they work with much lower power than lasers. When utilizing light therapy, having the proper power and wavelengths is essential for results. Thus, illumiflow only uses lasers to increase the results, power, and reach the right tissue. As we mentioned above, the more laser diodes, the better for full scalp coverage, but only lasers should be used.

The iRestore professional laser cap has 282 lasers but also included in that number are LEDs. The illumiflow 272 laser cap uses 272 laser diodes, but does not use any LEDs. So, when it comes to technology, illumiflow is the clear winner.

Lasers vs. LEDs Winner: illumiflow

FDA Clearance

When investing in a laser cap, you want to ensure that your purchase is high-quality and safe. That is where FDA clearance comes in. In terms of illumiflow vs. iRestore, both laser caps have FDA clearance. iRestore received its FDA clearance in 2016, and illumiflow received its FDA clearance in 2017, making this a tie for FDA clearance.

FDA Clearance Winner: illumiflow

Treatment Sessions

Each laser cap requires different treatment times for the best results. iRestore requires 25 minutes of use every other day, and illumiflow requires 30 minutes of use every other day. There is no significant difference between use for these laser caps, but iRestore does require 20 minutes less of use per week.

FDA Clearance Winner: iRestore

Illumiflow vs. iRestore Laser Cap Portability

Since you use laser caps at home, it's nice to have a portable option. Laser caps come with two power sources, batteries or wall chargers. With wall chargers, you need to sit close to wherever the laser cap is plugged in, and with battery packs, you can sit and move with ease. While illumiflow offers a portable option with each laser cap purchase, the iRestore laser caps require stationary use unless you buy a separate battery pack for an extra $40.

Considering you are already paying for the laser cap, paying more to use it without a wall charger is not ideal, making illumiflow the winner for laser cap portability.

Portability Winner: illumiflow

Using iRestore vs. illumiflow - Discretion

Let's face it; hair loss can be embarrassing, and a major benefit to LLLT is that you can use it discreetly at home. However, the design of your laser cap will determine how discreet your at-home therapy can be.

The iRestore LLLT design is housed in a heavy helmet, meaning you cannot discreetly hide your use of their device. It is a large helmet with bright red components, so not exactly discreet. On the other hand, illumiflow offers a lightweight and discreet design that you can easily tuck into a baseball cap. The illumiflow laser cap is also better for travel, as it can easily fit in luggage and doesn't require a lot of space.

Discretion Winner: illumiflow

Laser Cap Weight & Durability

As mentioned above, the illumiflow laser cap is more lightweight, and the iRestore helmet is a heavier, less discrete option. However, you might be wondering what the differences in weight are and why that matters. The iRestore laser helmet weighs 1.74 pounds, and the illumfilow laser cap weighs 0.48 pounds. That means that the iRestore helmet is three times the weight of the illumiflow laser cap.

We should also note that the iRestore helmet has many plastic pieces, so you have more possibility of broken parts. At the same time, the illumiflow laser cap is flexible and durable, so less worry about damaged parts.

Durability & Weight Winner: illumiflow

illumiflow vs iRestore Price

Price has a significant impact on any purchase you make, so that is why we included it in this review. There is a price difference when it comes to illumiflow vs. iRestore, depending on base price and sales. iRestore prices vary by device. The essential model sells for $695, and the professional model sells for $1,195. In comparison, illumiflow offers the 148 laser cap for $849 and the 272 laser cap for $1,149.

As you can see, the iRestore essential laser helmet is $154 cheaper than the illumiflow 148 laser cap. However, the iRestore professional is $46 more expensive than the illumiflow 272 laser cap. With the iRestore helmets including mostly LEDs, you are paying almost the same price for an illumiflow cap, but getting only medical-grade lasers.

We should also mention that illumiflow also offers up to $300 in rebates, so you can earn money back, and offers several yearly sales dropping these laser cap prices between $549 and $799. 

Price Winner: illumiflow (on sale)

Laser Cap Overall Value

So with all of this new information, which laser cap holds the most value? As we mentioned before, the essential model from iRestore is $13.62 per laser/LED, and the illumiflow 148 is only $5.73 per laser diode, giving you more power and coverage for the price. The same can be said with the 272 laser cap vs. the iRestore professional since you pay $50 less for illumiflow and get only premium laser diodes with that option.

For reference, the iRestore professional cap will cost you $4.24 per laser/LED, and the illumiflow 272 laser cap is $4.22 per laser diode.

Considering you get more laser diodes for your dollar with illumiflow and an LED combination with iRestore, the overall value winner goes to illumiflow.

Overall Value Winner: illumiflow

cost per diode overall value chart for irestore vs illumiflow

Warranty & Refund Policy

When you buy a laser cap, you want to know that a warranty and a money-back guarantee protect it. Warranties ensure that your investment will last you many years, and the money-back guarantee helps ensure that if you do not get results, you can return the product and get back your investment. So, let's start with the iRestore warranty and money-back policies. To start, iRestore offers a 12-month guarantee on their laser caps, and the process is relatively simple to apply. They do not require proof of use, but they only allow for one return per household. iRestore also offers a 1-year warranty for their laser helmets, but you will have to purchase one separately if you want an extended warranty.

As for the illumiflow money-back guarantee, you get a no-questions-asked return for up to 6-months after purchase. illumiflow also offers an industry-leading 5-year warranty on all laser caps so that you can feel confident about your investment long-term.

With illumiflow offering an easier return process and an industry-leading warranty, illumiflow is the warranty and refund winner.

Warranty & Refund Winner: illumiflow


Buying an LLLT device for your hair loss is a significant first step to hit those #hairgoals, but it is essential to purchase the right one. As you can see from the above review, a lot goes into the decision, like FDA clearance, the number of laser diodes, and price.

With illumiflow, you get the highest amount of laser diodes for the price, and you can try it risk-free for 6 months, making it the perfect choice for your hair restoration needs. If you are unsure whether the 148 laser cap or the 272 laser cap is right for you, take our short quiz to help.

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