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illumiflow vs. Kiierr Laser Caps

illumiflow vs. Kiierr Laser Caps

In-depth Comparison Guide

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If you are ready to stop hair loss for good, then you have most likely come across laser caps as an option to restore your hair loss. High quality laser caps use low-level lasers as a form of holistic hair restoration by regenerating old cells and encouraging new growth. Low-level laser therapy, or LLLT, has been clinically studied and is a viable option for seeing hair growth results in as little as four months.

As with any product, there are many options available out there, so it can be hard to determine what laser cap will work best for you. To make it easier, we compiled a comprehensive comparison of illumiflow vs. Kiierr laser caps.

illumiflow vs. Kiierr Laser Caps

Both illumiflow and Kiierr offer two types of laser caps: one with 148 diodes and one with 272 diodes.

While things like warranty and rebate opportunities are the same for both models, the differing number of diodes will affect cost and what type of results you can expect. We’ll break down both hair restoration solutions separately and then look at the company-wide differences between Kiierr and illumiflow.

illumiflow 272 vs. Kiierr 272 Premier Comparison Chart

Here’s a quick side-by-side comparison of both 272 models.

illumiflow vs Kiierr Laser Cap  Comparison Chart  of both 272 models

illumiflow 148 vs. Kiierr 148 Pro

The illumiflow 148 and Kiierr 148 Pro are similar to the 272 models except in three critical areas:

  1. Number of laser diodes: 148
  2. Power output: 740mW
  3. Price: $849 at illumiflow and $595 at Kiierr

Most companies provide a laser cap with less laser diodes as it gives customers a more economical option. Keep in mind that the lasers in each hair growth hat are identical; however, there are simply few in the 148 models. This means there’s overall less scalp coverage and power output, making it ideal for those just beginning to notice thinning hair. Those with more advanced hair loss should strongly consider investing in a higher laser count with more power output.

If you’ve made it past the side-by-side comparison and are still wondering which laser cap is better, these next sections are for you! We’ll dive into the granular differences between both and why it matters.

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Kiierr vs. illumiflow Laser Cap Technology

Your success with low-level laser therapy all comes down to the quality of its technology. Let’s discuss the type of diodes used, how many are included, overall power output, and of course -- safety (aka FDA clearance).

Lasers vs. LEDs

Some laser caps on the market use LEDs to supplement laser diodes. While the lesser technology helps reduce the cost of the product, it will also reduce the results users experience.

Both illumiflow and Kiierr use laser diodes in their hair hats and do not include a single LED. If you're looking for more information on Lasers vs LEDs, check out our article, here.

Lasers vs. LEDs Winner: Tie

Number of Laser Diodes

The more laser diodes a laser cap has, the better the scalp coverage and power output. This will help give users the best possible results.

As mentioned in the comparison chart, both Kiierr and Illumiflow offer models with 148 and 272 laser-emitting diodes. Both hats utilize 5mW lasers, making them equal in terms of overall power output and scalp coverage.

You can learn more about how the number of laser diodes impact the effects of the laser cap, here.

Number of Laser Diodes Winner: Tie

FDA Clearance

Buying a laser cap is an investment and knowing you’re purchasing a useful, safe product is essential.

While both Kiierr and illumiflow are cleared by the FDA, illumiflow has been in the hair restoration market longer.

illumiflow was granted FDA clearance following more than seven years of research, rigorous designing, and testing. On the other hand, Kiierr was only granted FDA clearance (based on existing LLLT laser cap tech) on September 5, 2018 -- nearly two years after illumiflow.

FDA Clearance Winner: illumiflow

illumiflow vs Kiierr Price

Reaching your #hairgoals can take a toll on your bank account if you aren’t sure which solution to try. While other laser caps on the market cost a significant amount (even with less laser diodes) illumiflow and Kiierr offer some of the most affordable prices.

At base price Kiierr charges $595 for their 148 Pro and $845 for their 272 Premium model.

Illumiflow’s base prices come in at $849 and $1,149 for their 148 and 272 models, respectively. However, illumiflow is nearly always running a sale, with the average cost of their laser caps of the last year coming in at $549 and $799.

Additionally, illumiflow is one of the few companies to sell refurbished units for both models. Okay, I know what you’re thinking: “I’m not wearing someone else’s hat!” With illumiflow; however, that’s not usually the case. The refurbished units may have had a faulty part that needed replacing or were returned without ever being opened. We then take these returns and locate the problem by hand before putting them back through our manufacturing process to make them like new.

If you want to learn more about illumiflow’s refurbishing process, check out this blog.

Price Winner: illumiflow (on sale) and Kiierr (base price)

Rebate Program

Speaking of costs -- wouldn’t it be great to easily save even more money on your hair growth solution?

When looking at rebate options Kiierr does not currently offer any type of rebate after you purchase your laser cap.

However, illumiflow has an extensive rebate program where you can do something as simple as provide before and after pictures. Currently, illumiflow supports two unique rebate offerings:

  1. Take Before & After Photos: $200 Rebate
  2. Film a Testimonial: $75 Rebate

For a full breakdown of these rebates, checkout the easy to follow guide, here.

If you partake in all the rebates, you can get the illumiflow 272 for just $499 (based on the average price over the last year)!

Rebate Program Winner: illumiflow ($300 in potential savings!)

Laser Cap Overall Value

It's time to look at the overall value of illumiflow vs. Kiierr.

On a cost per laser basis Kiierr would be the clear winner when looking at both product’s base price. However, when you factor in the average price of illumiflow caps over the last year as well as the $300 in potential savings through illumiflow’s rebate program you’ll see a different story:

cost per laser comparison between kiierr and illumiflow laser caps

Warranty & Refund Policy

Both illumiflow and Kiierr offer warranties and refund policies; however, when looking at the fine print you’ll notice stark differences between the two companies.

Kiierr has a 7-month money-back guarantee and 2-year warranty. In order to use their 7-month money-back guarantee, you must have used the product for seven months and be able to provide photo proof (a before and after photo) showing that your device was not effective. You’ll also be charged a restocking fee if you are able to get a return approved.

illumiflow offers a no questions asked 6-month money-back guarantee and 5-year warranty. As the name infers, you do not need to jump through any hoops to process a return and should you experience any manufacturing issues with your laser cap, you have three additional years to get support from illumiflow!

Warranty & Refund Winner: illumiflow


So who should you choose when it comes to illumiflow vs. Kiierr? Well, of course, the choice is yours, but when it comes to the best investment for your money and hair health, illumiflow takes the lead. With their 5-year warranty, no questions asked money-back guarantee, and rebates you can feel good about your purchase from illumiflow. They offer affordable options, third-party testing, and a customer-centric shopping experience.

Check out real customer reviews and the free holistic hair guide you receive with purchase.

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